Natural Streaks! (Wordless Wednesday)

Natural Streaks







Natures Rebooting! (Wordless Wednesday)

Natures Rebooting!


Lifting the Morning Veil! (Wordless Wednesday)

Lifting the Veil on the Morning

Line in the Sky! (Wordless Wednesday)

Line in the Sky

Spotlight on Liz

Every now and then when the evening sky is covered with clouds, there are shafts of light which beam down upon Mount Elizabeth. This sunshine highlights only a small portion of the mountain and only for a short time.

Last week for all of maybe ten or fifteen minutes I watched in awe as this spotlight shone down on Liz as the sun was sinking.

Light on Liz

Aahhh, these moments in time. Right place, right time, I love it. I daren’t ask… “mum, how much longer?”