The Morning Snow Blues (WPC: Solitude)

As the snow began falling harder out over the harbour, this one solitude little blue fishing boat came hightailing in. It made its way down to the marina quicker then any fisher boat I’d ever seen before… or since!


Solitude is the Weekly Photo Challenge this week from the Daily Post.






Surreal Snow!

Being on the river-bank the other day whilst the snow was falling, gave me a completely different perspective of it. Actually standing under the branches as they caught the snow was simply sensational.

Snow on branches - another perspective from the usual!

It almost felt as if I was intruding as I stood amongst the naked trees as their branches captured the falling flakes – so surreal!

Surreal Snow - what else can you say!

Yes, we’ve all heard how nearly every other person out there is longing for summer to be upon us, wishing this snow away but for me it’s the opposite.

The scenes created by snow are so unique and beautiful I’d be happy for it to continue for much, much longer but… “mum, how much longer?”

The SNOW has come a knocking!

It took awhile but today is what we “used” to know as a SNOW DAY, yea baby. How fabulous it was to have the snow literally knocking at our front door!

The Snow has finally come a Knocking!Seeing the snow piled up around the front door it was so much like old times (also reminded me that I really should bring in the lighted miniature Christmas trees from the front landing, lol). 🙂

Snow at the Front Door - like faded memories...I simply adore looking out our lounge room window to see this, or not seeing anything really but an almost white-out up the street. What bliss it was to see snowflakes falling once again this morning!

Snow up our StreetYet where I see snowflakes Master Twelve sees dollars signs. Oh how I love that boy – almost as much as he loves his iPod, lol!

One can't shovel snow if there is no iPod

Finally with our much wanted snow here, there’ll be no more asking for today at least… “mum, how much longer?”