Bath Time (Monochrome Monday)


MM Bath Time




A picture really is worth a thousand words! (WPC – Smile)

From the very beginning, my father and my son had a very special connection. Within months of my son’s birth, he was in my father’s arms as he sat at the dining room table doing crosswords.

Five years later when we were wandering around the Colosseum in Rome on a particularly blustery day, a piece of newspaper landed on the back of my son’s legs. For reasons unclear at the time, he kept ahold of this paper until we stopped for lunch.

Once our lunch orders had been taken my son requested a pen. Why? He needed to do the crossword of course. He then sat diligently filling in the squares. The fact it was in Italian was of little consequence. Oh how I love that boy!

And how I love how my son even now, over ten years later, still equates crosswords with his grandfather. This memory will always makes me smile tears of joy. Smile is this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.







The things you see on the way to the grocery store… in Iceland! (Wordless Wednesday)








Just ONE love (Weekly Photo Challenge: One Love)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week is… ONE LOVE. Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously, just the ONE?

Fortunately I was able to find one photo from my holiday archives which encompassed MANY of my One Loves. How very lucky am I, lol?

WPC - Love is

My one MAIN love is naturally my family and on this particular occasion I was able to combine my love for my family with my love of travel with my love of seeing animals in their natural environment. In particular, these Polar Bears.

What I loved about this capture was how the mother bear as she played with her cub, appeared to give me that knowing look, of one mother to another, as if to say “what do you do?” It was such a powerful, incredible moment – the power of love!





Fair Fight!


Fair Fight






Pretty Bird (One Four Challenge: Week 4)

Here we are at Week 4 of the One Four Challenge by Robyn at Captivate Me. If you aren’t familiar with this challenge you select a photo at the beginning of the month and each week process it in a different way. This is my Week 4.

Pretty Bird 1-4-4

These were my previous week’s contribution…

This is the photo that began it all…

Pretty Bird Original

And now I’m off to have a cup of coffee to ponder what I could possible do next month. Oh how I love a challenge, lol!

the ONE FOUR Challenge




Sailing Thirty Foot Swells (OWPC: Hurricane)


This week’s theme word for the One Word (Weather) Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… HURRICANE.

Hurricane Sandy instantly came to mind as we were headed to New York City on our cruise at the exactly the same time she was scheduled to arrive. Except she seemed to be coming in on her broomstick, we on a ship.

Hurricane Sandy

Overnight swells reached thirty feet, by the time I took this photo, the swells had decreased to just eighteen feet, nothing really in comparison. Looking at this photo it’s just looks cold, wet and miserable but trust me, the swells were still there.

Thirty minutes earlier, Master Thirteen, who was eleven at the time, and I were sitting in the dining room waiting for breakfast. As he watched the ocean go up and down as the ship went up and down, he first turned pale, then turned white.

He made it until just as his breakfast was served then alas we needed to be beat a hasty retreat. It was the fastest I’ve EVER eaten breakfast however as who knew that riding the waves could make one so hungry, lol!





ON THE WAY to Ucluelet (WPC)

Originally we were led to believe on driving off the ferry at Vancouver Island, the hotel in Ucluelet was but an hour away.

It wasn’t an hour, it was two and a half hours away but on the way, just as we were all becoming a tad despondent look who came out to lift our spirits… Mama Bear! Isn’t she glorious?

WPC - a Mama Bear Welcoming Committee

Now THAT is one heck of a welcoming committee, wouldn’t you say?! Plus her presence was just enough to rekindle our excitement about our road-trip and get us over the finishing line.

So much so in-fact that once we’d checked into our hotel at Ucluelet we headed off for a take-out dinner only to stay for a fabulous meal in a lovely little restaurant. As Master Thirteen has said since he was six years of age… good times, good times!




Pelicans of Mexico


Having grown up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia and having property still there, going to the beach anywhere else for a holiday now just feels wrong. However the blue, blue waters of Mexico almost had me reconsidering… almost!

Pelicans of Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Even now as the children and I go through our holiday photographs from our Panama Canal cruise, the colour of the waters off the coast of Mexico and Miami still leave us catching our breath.



Just a hint of blush in the morning light!


What can I say but… so many frangipani, so little time, lol!

These are some of the beautiful pale-pink frangipani we found in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens.

Blushing Pale Pink Frangipani

And you know what? This isn’t the last frangipani photo I have either but I promise I’m going to attempt to limit myself to just the ONE frangipani photo ONCE a month.

Then again, perhaps I could simply rename Flower Friday to Frangipani Friday... now THERE’S an idea, lol! 🙂