Feather Underfoot (Monochrome Monday)

Walking outside through the Chihuly Glass and Garden exhibition in Seattle, as breathtaking as the glass sculptures were, the living plants were equally as interesting. Particularly the tiny ones.


These succulents were so tiny they could easily have been missed. It was only this feather, making the small even tinier, that drew my attention to these delightful little succulents.





Feather Fun (Monochrome Monday)

When taking the photo of my feather for the repurpose challenge a few weeks ago, I’d been using the light from a nearby lamp. At the same time, this lamp was also casting this shadow on the mirror.


By simply moving my position I was able to photograph the feather within the shadow. It created an entirely different feel to the original photo of the white and fluffy feather.





Feather Four-Ways (WPC: Repurpose)

What began as the outer plumage for a bird, then became part of the filling for one of our pillows, and now is the subject matter for my photography shoot.


After this photo shoot, the feather will be repurposed yet again as a play-thing for the cats. One item – four lives. Repurpose is this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge word.