Wooden Ways (Monochrome Monday)

We were amazed to see on the tiny Pincushion Island this well-constructed, reasonably new walk way. It’s almost a shame that you don’t see it when you initially approach the island.

Hidden Fences

For a quick reminder, or to see Pincushion Island for the first time, please click hereWhen you look at this island, this walkway is situated just to the left of centre!





Contrast in Beauty (Flower Friday)

Oh how my son was embarrassed with me getting this capture. I noticed these flowers as we drove into a grocery store’s carpark and with my camera was sitting on the back seat I was determined to take a photo before we left.

Contrast of Beauty

My son naturally sat in the car whilst I took the photo but what was funnier, a little old man determined to prove his right of way, drove past me, missing me by mere inches even as I stood leaning against the fence.

Having proved his point this driver then went on to the intersection, sitting in the left hand lane of a two-way road to turn right… oops. Perhaps he wasn’t as clever as he first thought, lol!




Rough with the Smooth (Wordless Wednesday)


Ferny Fence

Admiring Murano from on the FENCE (MM2-9)

It’s the once a month “theme week” for the Monochrome Madness over at the blog, Leanne Cole Photography. This month the chosen theme is… FENCES.

The photo I’ve chosen, although technically not a fence, given it was taken on the island of Murano just outside Venice, I think we can all agree that rails and fences are pretty much the same thing, lol!

Murano Milly (MM2-9)

The little poppet in this photo just happens to be my Darling Daughter who was three-and-a-half on this, our first family visit to Italy. Both children took to Italy likes ducks to water, embracing the culture like locals.

This is a scan of a copy as sadly the original and its backup were stolen many years ago hence the slightly “off” feeling to it. Gives it an “old world” kinda feeling though don’t you think?

The memory however this capture evokes for me shall forever be etched in my memory.