The many shades of iron! (Monochrome Monday)







Summer Sunbeams (Wordless Wednesday)








Hiding in the Shadows (Friday Flowers)







Frosty New Beginnings (Macro Monday)

For the first three months of this year our poor plants outside were so confused. The earth would warm up to the point you’d believe Spring had arrived early then boom, either the snow would fall or the ground would turn white with frost.

In the photo above it was the latter. Our one and only pot plant outside, a mixture of ferns and moss, (what can I say – it came with the house and has yet to be dealt with…) was peppered with frost, making it shine in the morning light.





Raining Eggs (Wordless Wednesday)






Rough with the Smooth (Wordless Wednesday)


Ferny Fence

Path to Another World (Wordless Wednesday)


Path to Another World