Dinner doesn’t get much fresher! (Wordless Wednesday)








If only we could talk to the animals!!!

As we waited for our tender into Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this morning, our one and only for this entire cruise thankfully, we looked over to the shoreline in front of our cabin and wondered just what sort of day we were in for as it all looked very… commercial you might say.

Viva Mexico - NOT what we wanted to see! - Copy

However, once we swapped our tender for a half-submarine boat heading in the opposite direction, it was if we were transported to another place. It was such a welcome contrast!

Heading out for some fish spotting!

This vessel was completely different to anything we’d ever been on before as it was the sides that were glass not the floor so you could actually sit and look out as you would normally. Then again, maybe not so normally when you’re seeing this just inches away!

The fish are RIGHT THERE - Copy

One of the main attractions to this area is the rock formations and quite rightly so. Seriously, how gorgeous is this against the different blues in the water?

Natural Arch - how beautiful!

What you can’t see up amongst the rocks though are just how many birds are resting there. It was incredible the number and the variety.

Birds hidden amongst the rocks - Copy

Birds weren’t all that were resting on the rocks – this was quite unexpected. Trying to count these big boys was a lot harder in reality then it is now looking at it let me tell you as the blended into the rocks so well!

How many sea lines do you think you see

I know, a rock’s a rock but sometimes there’s a twist. How on earth does just one rock become like this? Seriously, how?

This stays like this just how exactly - Copy

It certainly left my family in awe… and taking bets as to when it would be toppling down!

Photogenic Family

After such a wonderful morning out on the water we worked up quite an appetite so headed around to the marina for something tasty. Everything looked so good that eventually we ordered eight starters thinking they’d make maybe three main meals. HA, how wrong were we. This was just the complimentary guacamole they made at the table for us. It was divine!

Guacamale Mexican Style

And what does one do to work off such an enormous lunch? Wrestle with a lion of course! As you can see from Miss Ten’s posture, a lion’s a lion no matter what the age, lol!

Wrestling with a lion after lunch

Although, once the cub was on the ground it was behaving like any young cat and who can resist a cute little kitty?!

Lion Cub and kidz

Then it was on for a spot of day-dreaming of catching a reasonably sized marlin. This is an actual cast of a marlin that someone caught – yes, a BIG challenge has been set for Master Twelve!

The Marlin-Dreaming Family

There was even time for a little bird watching – check out the smile on Young Sir’s face would you? He who never smiles for photos!

Harrison and his birds - what a collection!

So after seeing HIS reaction there was no way I was missing out on some of this action…

Even Mama played with the birds

Then after a quick stroll around the markets it was onto Senor Frog to chill-out before catching our tender back to the ship.

Mr Super Cool

All in all it was an amazing day. There’s no denying Cabo is very commercial and touristy but there’s also no denying it’s a lot of fun also. A great first port of call!