Motoring into the morning! (Monochrome Monday)

Some mornings the fishing trawlers just seem brighter than others. Then again, perhaps it’s simply  a case of my having cleaned my glasses!

Looking out my back windows at “my” harbour never gets old – there’s always something for me to gaze upon!






A Little Ray of Sunshine (Wordless Wednesday)







Summer fishing’ (Monochrome Monday)

No matter the day of the week, no matter the weather, seldom a day goes by without me seeing at least one fishing boat out on the water. Off to catch whatever particular fish is in season on that day.

The fishing boats come in so many shapes and sizes, always providing me with something to admire and just occasionally photograph!






The Morning Snow Blues (WPC: Solitude)

As the snow began falling harder out over the harbour, this one solitude little blue fishing boat came hightailing in. It made its way down to the marina quicker then any fisher boat I’d ever seen before… or since!


Solitude is the Weekly Photo Challenge this week from the Daily Post.






Sailing into the Abyss (Wordless Wednesday)







Lunchtime Reflections (Wordless Wednesday)