Dinner doesn’t get much fresher! (Wordless Wednesday)








Summer fishing’ (Monochrome Monday)

No matter the day of the week, no matter the weather, seldom a day goes by without me seeing at least one fishing boat out on the water. Off to catch whatever particular fish is in season on that day.

The fishing boats come in so many shapes and sizes, always providing me with something to admire and just occasionally photograph!






The Morning Snow Blues (WPC: Solitude)

As the snow began falling harder out over the harbour, this one solitude little blue fishing boat came hightailing in. It made its way down to the marina quicker then any fisher boat I’d ever seen before… or since!


Solitude is the Weekly Photo Challenge this week from the Daily Post.






Meeting new faces down at the River (Wordless Wednesday)


New River Friends

Our River (Wordless Wednesday)


Our RIver

The Green Mile (Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #07)

This week’s challenge from the Photo Rehab Cover Makeover divas is Stephen Kings’ book The Green Mile, with the option to do either a book jacket or movie poster. As you see, I’ve stuck with the book jacket as they are my personal favs!

PhotoRehab - The Green Mile

This photo I took a week ago when taking Master Fourteen and some mates out fishing early one morning to a new location.

We didn’t quite make it to this new part of the river sadly as there were numerous water obstacles. And although the fishing truck is 4WD, it’s a bit girlie in comparison to many others out there hence wasn’t feeling that brave!

That’s why as the road became narrower and the water across the road invariably became deeper, I apologized profusely to the boys then turned around the first opportunity I had. There was NO way I was getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

However on the way back to the highway I just had to stop to take this photo as proof we’d at least attempted to fish the infamous Power Lines!

Cover Makeover Badge















Where’s Nemo? (Macro Monday)

This could be regarded as gross but I have to say this bag of fish eggs had me completely engrossed. Someone said one salmon contains 2,000 eggs and after looking at this, I believe it!

Where's Nemo???

Yet as I stood mesmerized by all these eggs, all I could think was that I’ve watched WAY too many Pixar movies as all I could hear was Nemo’s dad frantically calling… “Nemo, where are you?”





Bewitching Bridge in the Morning Mist (MM2-22)

When Master Fourteen first began fishing the river here, this is where we came almost every morning and even some evenings. With the mist rising off the water, it was VERY easy being Designated Driver.

Betweitching Bridge in the Morning Mist

This is also my submission for this week’s Monochrome Madness over with Leanne Cole Photography where the theme this week is… BRIDGES (I hope, lol!).

Leanne Cole Photography



Travel Theme: Hats

Normally I’m not one to shy away from a challenge but this week’s Travel Theme challenge from Where’s my Backpack of Hats has really had me thinking!

My boy and his DD...

This photo is of when my son began his foray into salmon fishing at our local river a couple of years ago, complete with waders and the mandatory hat.

This hat holds a very special significance for him (and for me also) as it was his grandfather’s hat. His grandfather would wear this hat whenever they went on walks together.

What was particularly amusing about this ritual was that my father absolutely detested walking but when it came to pushing “his possum” in the pram, eventually walking side-by-side, there was never-ever a moment’s hesitation.


2014 – WHAT a YEAR!