Traditional Christmas Bloom… kinda, sorta


Traditional Christmas Bloom



When the light works against you! (Friday Flowers)




Summer colors (Friday Flowers)



FF Summer Bloom



Feather-like Tulip (Macro Monday)

The tulips have been absolutely stunning here this year. The colored tulips all having various shades throughout the bloom rather than the one block color. Simply glorious!

The background of this photograph has me more than a little intrigued as nowhere in this house is this color. Not that I’m complaining at all as it blends beautifully with my tulip!






Bursting with Color (Macro Monday)

Growing up these flowers, the good ole’ pig-face, were some of the very first my mother planted in her garden of the home she’d had built. In absolutely no time there was so much color surrounding her new home on the east coast of Australia.

Imagine my surprise then when we were staying in southern Morocco and saw these colorful beauties growing abundantly in the fields. Of course I’ve since discovered these blooms are rather partial to growing in rocky, sandy conditions!






Gerbera Grunge (Friday Flowers)

It seems almost wrong to “dirty up” a beautiful bright pink gerbera but gosh darn it, a fresh gerbera is just too hard to resist sometimes!

If what is old is new again, why can’t what is new be old?





From deep within (Macro Monday)

It’s a love/hate relationship I have with tiger lilies. The blooms are absolutely glorious but those stamens covered in only-to-eager-to stain-pollen are a whole different ball-game.

Then again, they do provide a wonderful subject matter to photograph. One must always look for that silver lining mustn’t one!





Christening White (Friday Flowers)

It’s hard to say if this is a white spider-mum or on seeing the green towards the centre, if this could actually be an albino spider-mum. If there is such a thing, lol.

Regardless of the answer, it’s still a very beautiful bloom!





Sunny Side Up (Flower Friday)

The only thing better then photographing sunflowers is editing them!

It’s one of those few times I really enjoy the colour yellow!





Right on Point! (iPhriday Flower)

Except there’s no “T” is there? Who knew? After a lifetime of hearing and pronouncing it as POINTsettia, it’s only now I learn it’s not. What a shocker to learn differently. Dang!


Learning that I’ve been mispronouncing it forever is almost as funny as the way Master Fifteen cringed with complete and utter embarrassment as I took this photo at the grocery store on the weekend. Good to know I’ve still got it, lol!😂