Who me? I’m not eating the flowers! (Wordless Wednesday)


WW Im not eating the flowers



Last of the Spring Blossoms! (Wordless Wednesday)






Burst of Blooms (Macro Monday)









Spring is in the Air – Happy Easter!







Sunflower Freedom (Macro Monday)

This summer I’m toying with the idea of planting sunflowers in our yard. Just where in our yard I have no clue as technically we only have the one unsuitable flower bed.

As I look at this sunflower that was growing randomly in a field, it makes me wonder if I should simply sprinkle sunflower seeds across the backyard and let nature take care of the rest!





Apricot Blossoms (Macro Monday)

Rather then adding to the greys outside, for Monday’s this month I thought I would go with some colorful macros to brighten things up!

These were just some of the many beautiful blossoms that were adorning the apricot trees at our kasbah in southern Morocco. Delicious jams made with the previous seasons apricots were enjoyed with our breakfast each morning.





Boxed Beauties (Flower Friday)

Whilst we were out and about over the summer, we’d stopped for some road-works out on the highway when I noticed these glorious blooms beside us.

Was it accidental or had someone taken the time to arrange a little-something special for us all as we waited? Whatever the reason, on that sunny summer afternoon they were simply beautiful to see.