Swooping for Salmon! (WPC: Evanescent)

Blink and you could possibly miss that moment when an eagle swoops down, talons reaching into the water to secure whatever it spotted within its claws. It’s a very hit and miss moment – for both the eagle and the photographer, lol!

Evanescent is the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for this week. The description for evanescent from the Daily Post is soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.






Cotton Candy Clouds!

It’s sounds such a cliché to say the clouds reminded me of Cotton Candy as we flew out of Seattle on our way to Vancouver but they really did, lol!

Add some sunshine reflecting off the water and for me it’s all but picture perfect. 🙂

Looking down from above...

Flying and being able to see the land and ocean below for me always makes it a far more pleasurable experience. It’s not that I’m apprehensive about flying, I simply like seeing what lies below!

Plus when it takes longer to check-in and go through security then it does to fly to one’s destination (we may have been in the air 40 minutes if that hence no hot beverages on this flight!), it’s a really good flight without even a thought of… “mum, how much longer?”