Watching the evening fog roll in! (Monochrome Monday)




Misty Marina Mornings (Wordless Wednesday)





Flowers against the fog! (Friday Flowers)




Love me a morning fog! (Monochrome Monday)







Cloudy Monday Mornings (Monochrome Monday)

Daylight savings finished for the summer here yesterday. It’s just in the nick of time given that winter will unbelievably be here next month.

Although I’m still wrapping my head around the fact in this day and age the seasons begin during the month not on the first of the month when I grew up. Or maybe that was just a southern hemisphere thing!







As the Fog Lifts (Monochrome Monday)

Even though I already know where the islands are out in my harbour, I still enjoy watching the heavy summer fog retreating to the furthest edge of the harbour, slowly revealing each island as it goes.

It reminds me of those black and white movies where people would walk into old houses, pulling at dust cloths revealing beautiful, ornate furniture underneath.







Misty Summer Mornings (Monochrome Monday)

This past summer we’ve had some of the most wonderful misty mornings. The fog so heavy that the air didn’t clear until lunch time. It was so amazing to watch!

The fog would then clear to reveal the brightest of summer days. At which point I would head down to my Creative Cave to avoid the sun’s glare and the headache that would ensue. Life’s Yin and Yang.








A Transmitting Fog (JHC: Fog)

On one of our trips to the orthodontist, the fog sitting over the Skeena River was so thick and heavy it stayed with us for two-thirds of the 145km journey. Normally it either burns-off or disappears not longer after the Port Edward turn-off.


Since it was over the summer, thankfully the camera was with me since I knew there was no urgency to return to Prince Rupert to meet end-of-day school bells. Time is always the evil that works against me!

Fog is today’s Halloween Challenge word from Jennifer Nichole Wells.






Nature’s very own mirror (WPC: Mirror)

A few weeks ago, Miss Thirteen and I drove to a nearby town for both a day out and to purchase school supplies. This 140km drive is one of the most beautiful drives and on this particular morning it did not disappoint!

Nature's very own mirror

There’s just something so magical about fog over the water. Fortunately the traffic was light allowing me to stop along the way for the occasional “photo op” such as this one. I was so focused on the fog only now am I seeing the flowers in the foreground, lol.

This calm water created nature’s very own mirror, reflecting all the glorious surroundings. And now it gives me the perfect submission for the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge of… mirror!