Modern Take on Valentine Flowers (Wordless Wednesday)








Reaching for the Clouds (Monochrome Monday)

Whilst attempting to capture some new images of the deer who frequent our backyard, from the corner of my eye this tree caught my attention.

Reach for the Clouds

It was as if the tree was pushing its branches towards the sky to hasten the process of Spring. Personally I’m in no hurry but it would seem as if Mother Nature has her own ideas.




The Colour of Fall!


My favourite color!

Spring Unfurling! (Macro Monday)


What I love about the Northern Hemisphere is watching all the new foliage emerge after a cold winter. And now as I’m looking at this photo, obviously the spiders and bugs also enjoy this time of year, lol!

Spring unfurling before your eyes!

Walking the paths to locate the hot springs at Harrison Hot Springs there was so much new life to be seen both in the plant and animal kingdom, it was simply glorious.

Given the early hour of the day, having the place to ourselves made it that much more special. It was a beautiful end to a perfect holiday.




It rained today like I haven’t seen it rain here for a long time. Naturally it was the day I had a “to-do” list as long as a fresh roll of toilet paper. Murphy’s Law huh?!

Skagway Raindrops glistening in the morning light!

Don’t know what it is but raindrops on fresh foliage for me is such a beautiful sight, and if this rain persists as forecast, you’ll be looking at all my raindrop captures shrieking… “mum, how much longer?”