Who me? I’m not eating the flowers! (Wordless Wednesday)


WW Im not eating the flowers



Spring awakenings (WPC – Awakening)

Despite what might be happening outside my window right now, the birds and blooms are telling me the earth is awakening. It’s spring time!

Awakening is the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week.






Spring is in the Air – Happy Easter!







Lit up by natural beauty (Monochrome Monday)







Brightly Coloured Raindrops (Flower Friday)

Why is it flowers never look so pretty as when they are covered with fresh raindrops?

My baby petunias are hanging on for dear life as the winter winds begin blowing once again.







Hidden within (Flower Friday)

When there are Lisianthus at the supermarket, there is no way I am able to walk past without adding a couple of bunches to my trolley. They are such a beautiful bloom.

Their old-world appearance gives them an old-world charm that appeals so very much to me. Particularly when I can add a filter or two to make them even more-so!







Frilly Bits (Flower Friday)

This pink flower that was amongst my mother’s day bouquet had the most petals I have EVER seen on a flower.

The mind-boggling part was that there were still more petals near the centre that had yet to release!






Lovely Lupins (Friday Flowers)







Hummingbird Favourite (OWPC – Hummingbird)

One of the most exciting things to discover on moving to Canada was the tiny, wee Hummingbird. The first time I saw one I thought it was an over-sized moth hyped up on sugar-filled sports drink!

Hummingbird is the One Word Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells this week.





Backyard Blooms (Friday Flowers)