When the light works against you! (Friday Flowers)




Summer colors (Friday Flowers)



FF Summer Bloom



Hidden within (Flower Friday)

When there are Lisianthus at the supermarket, there is no way I am able to walk past without adding a couple of bunches to my trolley. They are such a beautiful bloom.

Their old-world appearance gives them an old-world charm that appeals so very much to me. Particularly when I can add a filter or two to make them even more-so!







Yellow Ninja! (Flower Friday)

This summer seemed to be brimming over with an abundance of yellow flowers. Wherever you looked there were yellow flowers – by the roadside, in garden beds, and in vacant lots.

Yellow Ninja

What I loved about this particularly bright yellow flower was how this bee was all covered in yellow pollen. It makes me smile just remembering this little guy retrieving his quota.