Early morning goosebumps! (Friday Flowers)





Morning Introductions (Friday Flowers)




Curbside Beauty (Friday Flowers)




Delicate Delights (Friday Flowers)




Captured Raindrops (Flower Friday)




Down by the Sea (Friday Flowers)



There’s pink, then there’s pink! (Friday Flowers)

FF Theres pink then theres pink

Pretty ‘lil posy (Friday Flowers)


FF So not what I thought



My favorite summer blooms! (Friday Flowers)


FF My favourite summer flowers



Boxed Beauties (Flower Friday)

Whilst we were out and about over the summer, we’d stopped for some road-works out on the highway when I noticed these glorious blooms beside us.

Was it accidental or had someone taken the time to arrange a little-something special for us all as we waited? Whatever the reason, on that sunny summer afternoon they were simply beautiful to see.