Magic Mushroom (WPC: Magic)

Miss P from Life is Like That suggested this week’s prompt of MAGIC for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, was a perfect opportunity to share the results of our combined efforts from a few weeks back. And I have to say, I agree!


Knowing my love for mushrooms, whilst on a visit to Vancouver Island, Miss P shared with me this photo of a mushroom she’d recently seen. It was glorious. However as you can see, I couldn’t help but have some fun, adding to it just a tad, lol!😂

Thank you again for thinking of me Miss P – and as you say… Life is Like That!




State of Mind (WPC)

This week’s challenge from the Daily Post is STATE OF MIND. As Ben Huberman says, “Photos show us the surface of things, but they often tell much deeper stories about the objects they depict — and about the people who take them.”

As luck would have it, Miss Twelve provided just wanted I needed as recently she downloaded all her baby-photos and has meticulously been going through each and every one of them, showing me her favourites as she goes. This being one of them.

State of Mind

On this particular morning, Master Fourteen (who was two at the time), heard his sister was awake before I did. Into the room he went, climbing into her crib to keep her company until I arrived.

My heart simply melted on seeing him sitting there amusing his sister. His reward – her biggest, gummiest smiles. They were, and secretly still are, each other’s biggest fans.

Given I battled with Post Natal Depression after my daughter was born, and am still dealing with some residual residue from it, these photos are even more precious as a lot of my memories from this time are more than a tad blurred.




Let there be trust…

Trust in Relationships...

Unintentionally scrumptious!

Last night for something completely different Master Twelve wanted to have a couple of friends around after school and then they stay for dinner. Initially I agreed to them visiting for a couple of hours but no dinner.

But mum, what about the lazy lasagne you were going to make?” Yep, he had me on that count. There was going to be plenty of food to go around so what was my excuse? There was none so yep, there were two extra for dinner.

When it came time to prepare the feast, I decided I’d switch it up somewhat. Normally my lazy lasagne is simply a Bolognese Sauce mixed with the cooked pasta spread into a baking-dish, then covered with a creamy cheese mixture courtesy of the Miami Maiden. Not this time. No Sir-Ree-Bob. This time I wanted vegetables, something with a little more.

Hence the Four Cheese Grilled Vegetable Pasta Bake was born!

Four Cheese Grilled Vegetable Pasta Bake

To the usual Bolognese mix I added cooked peas and a medley of grilled chopped vegetables that were left over from a BBQ earlier in the week. As the zucchini had been grilled instead of steamed, it held together so much better in the baking. Something to remember for next time.

Four Cheese Grilled Vegetable Pasta Bake Serving - Tasty!!!

But the best part of the meal was when I walked into the kitchen to help Master Twelve with a second serving, I heard his friends back in the dining room nudging each other and exclaiming how good the sauce was. I smiled wider than the Pacific Ocean! 🙂

When you have an audience such as they to cook for, it makes it so worthwhile, just so enjoyable! Its much more pleasant than the eye-rolling things that were at my table recently, grrr. Honestly, if you don’t want dessert politely say you couldn’t eat another thing, don’t roll your eyes. We don’t let the children do it so why should supposed grown-ups be allowed, seriously?!

Anyways, the cooking Goddess within has been awakened after what seems like a decade long hiatus. So here’s a warning – start exercising those eye-balls as I’m only just beginning. There are loads more delights to come girls, so you’d best learn how to speak nicely otherwise you’ll be hearing me groan VERY loudly… “mum, how much longer?”

Spoiler Alert… hold your nose!

Another morning was spent down at the river this morning but oh what a difference a few days can make, as can the water level subsiding a good three or four feet. With such a wide river one wouldn’t think of this as having a great impact on things but alas it does. Why?

To put it simply, the salmon are getting tired. The harsh reality of Mother Nature and their cycle of life is coming to end. What looks like coral around the tree is in fact rotting fish. The higher water levels disguised a lot!

Why Mother Nature Why

Those fish that are still swimming are so very… unique one could say. Check out this old Chum Salmon. It took the three of them to land this old grand-pappy!

Check out this Chum

I’ve since learnt you can tell if it’s a Chum by its teeth. Vicious looking aren’t they?!

Have you flossed lately

Then there was the Humpy Salmon that met his match in Master Twelve. Neither it nor my son would give in. This darn fish managed to get itself into the flowing stream, making it harder to bring in. The end result was Master Twelve giving me the rod whilst he waded downstream to net the fish and bring it back!

The Humpie that fought hard

Even when they were goofing around the boys were still catching fish. You can’t imagine the amount of water that was in his friend’s boots by days end – just incredible!

Top to Tail almost

It was a great morning fishing but the best part, I get tomorrow off as Master Twelve is going down the Douglas Channel with Boot Boy and his dad. One morning of not having to look at my watch and wonder… “mum, how much longer?”