Jack Frost nipping at our stones! (Macro Monday)


Jack Frost - 9 Days




A hint of Jack Frost! (Wordless Wednesday)

Christmas Countdown 20

Frosty New Beginnings (Macro Monday)

For the first three months of this year our poor plants outside were so confused. The earth would warm up to the point you’d believe Spring had arrived early then boom, either the snow would fall or the ground would turn white with frost.

In the photo above it was the latter. Our one and only pot plant outside, a mixture of ferns and moss, (what can I say – it came with the house and has yet to be dealt with…) was peppered with frost, making it shine in the morning light.





Frosty Dew Drops (Wordless Wednesday)

Frosted Dew Drops






The Colours of Frost! (Wordless Wednesday)

The Colours of Frost!




Frosted Mornings! (Wordless Wednesday)

Frosty Mornings


Winter is Underfoot

There was a definite twinkle in the grass yesterday morning as I headed off on the early morning school run. The ground appeared to glow as the sun’s rays washed over the earth.

Winter is Underfoot!

At the risk of jinxing myself and upsetting MANY people, I really do think winter is getting closer but… “mum, how much longer?”

The beauty that is frost!

It only seems apt that the frost on the boys fishing truck looks almost like fish skeletons. This was the trucks side-mirror one morning!

Decolored Frost on the Side Mirror

The photos all had that blue-cold-hue to them so wondered if altering them to black and white would be beneficial, which it wasn’t, decoloring them was better but I couldn’t resist trying a reverse black and white.

Pardon the pun but pretty cool huh?! Looks like something from a petri dish doesn’t it?

Reverse Frost Bite on the Side Mirrror

With such blue skies each and every day with barely a cloud to be seen, it makes this Arctic Outflow we are currently experiencing all the more incredible… “mum, how much longer?”

The true strength of -7CEL!

It’s said there’s a silver lining to every cloud and that’s certainly true with the temperatures sitting at below zero of late. There’s definitely a plus to this cold weather. Besides hugging a roaring-fire what could it be? Photography of course!

Unequivocally, the boyz fishing truck has never looked so good. This was the windscreen’s covering this morning!

Decolored Frost on the Wind Screen

And this was the Fishing Truck’s bonnet. From my vantage point of my warm home, I find frost extraordinarily fascinating!

Decolored Frost on the Bonnet

It may have been -7CEL outside this morning yet when I entered the kitchen at 6.30 my heart was immediately warmed by the sight of my dear and darling twelve-year-old son making bacon and eggs for he and I – WOW – my hero!

What an absolute treat to have my breakfast made for me and so early too! Our roles were reversed all morning as it wasn’t me but my son ready for band, waiting for his lift, asking… “mum, how much longer?

Mother Nature with frosting!

Yesterday was such a crisp, clear morning it was no surprise to see everything outside covered with a layer of frost. When one is warm, one can truly appreciate such beauty in nature.

A little frost on the plants outside!

The touch of frost on fallen leaves always brings a smile to my face. Why? Who knows, for me it simply looks lovely!

Frosting on Leaves

All this is now a distant memory as it began to snow at last day-light yesterday, having us wake to a beautiful blanket of snow this morning. What a contrast to the Remembrance Day morning we woke to yesterday.

As difficult as it is to figure out the complexities of children, when it comes to Mother Nature there’s no comparison. Oh how I long to understand her… “mum, how much longer?”