Morning Moon – what’s your story? (WPC – Story)

The upside of not being able to sleep last week (I’ve yet to find the upside of not being able to sleep this week) was that I was able to follow the full moon from its high point in the sky until it finally dipped behind the trees.

As with the sun setting each night allows one to rewrite the next day, for me each full moon is a reminder to reflect on how the last few weeks were, and what the coming weeks will be. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Story is The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.






“THE” shot of the morning moon! (WPC – Experimental)

It can be a little hit and miss when taking a photo of the moon at the best of times.

Then, when you’ve only just woken to see there’s only a matter of moments before the moon drops below the horizon with no time to adjust camera settings, well then, it’s all very experimental as to what the result will actually be!

This was our Harvest Moon earlier this month. It. Was. GLORIOUS! Not that you can really tell though from this capture 🤣, but I do still like the silhouette of the trees in front of the moon even if it is a little out of focus.

Experimental is The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.






Just another Full Moon Morning (Wordless Wednesday)

My Full Moon





Low Aperture (OWPC: Aperture)

Today, well this entire week actually, isn’t going as planned as life has once again thrown us a huge curve-ball. Nothing life-threatening, so no worries on that front, but it’s enough to have my thoughts shooting in a thousand different directions.

So here I am, VERY late and VERY unorganized (you have NO idea how much THAT pains me) with my take on APERTURE – Jennifer Nichole Well’s word for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.

Rising Moon

Choosing a larger aperture for last night’s full moon allowed me far more detail of the moon but caused the surrounding mountains to somewhat disappear. In this capture you can just see a glimpse of my Lovely Liz on the bottom right-hand corner of the moon.

And who knows, perhaps if I actually mounted my camera on a tripod it would be even easier to get these full moon shots but if I did that, the sun would be rising by the time I had everything set up. Given how everything is right now, something at least is better than nothing, lol!






What a glorious week-end!!!

It was as if Summer had arrived Friday afternoon, staying with us right through until the sun dipped behind the mountains last night, leaving us with an almost full-moon sitting just there!

Full Moon- just beautiful!

Sorry for the OTT overlay but with JUST the blue sky as background it was just begging for something extra, lol! 🙂

But WHAT a week-end – the boys went fishing, we had a bar-be-que, many a mojito enjoyed, the trampoline is up, “discussions” about bikes being left out have already been had, bird-offerings have been given (thanks Poppy 😦 ), street tag played, walks to the shops had, more fishing equipment both created and bought, and plans for current and future outdoor furnishings have been made.

Now as I sit, almost shivering at the computer since the back-door is open for the cats, the week-end weather is like a dream that has been doused with grey clouds and cool air. Already the question regarding the return of these summer-like days is being asked… “mum, how much longer?”

All things bright and beautiful!

This morning the skies are so beautiful and clear. For we mere mortals of course this meant temperatures in the minuses. In fact it was still showing -9CEL at 9am when I drove home from my morning of errands!

There was however one upside to this cold, clear morning and that was the almost full moon!

Full Moon of a Morning

This morning’s moon was so beautiful it was Master Twelve who brought it to my attention first. I like that, I like that a LOT!

Good Morning World!

Master Twelve and I, even armed with our stores cards, took 15 minutes to de-ice the car. My gosh it was a frozen mass! And let me tell you, not all store cards are equal as one looks like plastic but after 10 minutes of scraping ice off the car, it all but disintegrated as it was actually only glossy cardstock. Too funny 🙂

Chatting with a local this morning I was advised rain was on our horizon but right now the skies are clear blue with the thermometer still below zero Celsius but… “mum, how much longer?”

Almost Full Moon!

I thought it was just exhaustion that was getting to me but looking out the window this evening it appears there could be a greater force at work.

My moon over my mountain

Watching this beautiful full moon rise from behind the mountain could explain a lot.

Full Moon

Then again, after I dropped both children at their prospective schools this morning I went down to a grocery shop, my first since arriving home from holidays.

Even with such an early start I didn’t complete the unpacking of those groceries until midday. At which point I had to make dinner then tidy the house before I left for a 2pm appointment as Master Twelve was talking of bringing home a school mate to work on an assignment after school.

As soon as I walked in the door from my appointment I was helping children with homework, checking on dinner and doing more washing. It really is fortunate I don’t work otherwise I wouldn’t be wondering to myself, I’d be screaming from the roof-tops… “mum, how much longer?”