Hats off to Christmas! (Fun Friday)

Rabbit, rabbit. Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. And what’s super exciting about this month, it’s the first day of the Christmas month… woot woot!

With this in mind I thought I change things up for Friday’s this month, from flowers to something a little bit fun. This is just one of two oversized Christmas hats I have. They sit next to our sofa table, one on top of the other filled with fairy lights.

In hindsight, I really should have included the sofa table to give some perspective of the size of these hats which, when stacked, stand three feet tall!

Christmas… don’t you just LOVE IT!









Magic Mushroom (WPC: Magic)

Miss P from Life is Like That suggested this week’s prompt of MAGIC for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge, was a perfect opportunity to share the results of our combined efforts from a few weeks back. And I have to say, I agree!


Knowing my love for mushrooms, whilst on a visit to Vancouver Island, Miss P shared with me this photo of a mushroom she’d recently seen. It was glorious. However as you can see, I couldn’t help but have some fun, adding to it just a tad, lol!😂

Thank you again for thinking of me Miss P – and as you say… Life is Like That!




One of THOSE days…

With the sun shining and the sky having only a hint of clouds at the moment with forecasts for much the same for the next few days, if not the week, the following seemed quite apt for our house.

Good weather ahead!

We’ve found our house, as I’m sure are all the houses in Canada, well insulted for winter, keeping us toasty warm all the time. Come summer however, trying to cool down is quite different. Hence all the windows and doors are flung open in a feeble attempt to rid ourselves of the stale, warm air to then hopefully have it replaced with some cool, cool air.

This seldom occurs so the cats all-but pack their bags for the day and head off in search of a shady area to keep cool for the day. Unfortunately it seems that wherever they slumber so do the birds, resulting sadly in the above. The cycle of life.

Although with more of this glorious weather on the horizon the fruit trees around town shall be producing ever so well which means we’ll soon see bears roaming our streets once again.

Be BEAR aware pusscats, it’s called the cycle of life… “mum, how much longer?”

Unrequited Love…

Walking into the bedroom the other night I found Miss Poppy in a rather awkward pose, you might say, being all-but in my slipper. She was determined to get even a little lovin’ from the slipper no matter what…

Unrequired Love...

I didn’t have the heart to tell her my sheep-skin sleeper wasn’t alive, it was simply warm from my wearing it!

Though the look in her eyes however tells me she had an inkling this love wasn’t going to be forever hence she was however wondering… “mum, how much longer?”

Lego = Happiness!

Amongst all the wonderful gifts Miss Ten received for her birthday were two Lego sets – one from Darling Hubby and I, the other from his Nanny. And as there’s just no fun watching someone else do Lego, we gave Master Eleven a set also saying it too was from Nanny as she didn’t want him feeling left-out.

He was so chuffed, especially as it’s a set that’s about to be retired. Regardless, how cool is this?

VW Combi - how cool!

The attention to detail is amazing. All the doors open. The side doors open to this… pop-top roof, curtains, wine glass on the fold-down table, and lights on the walls just to name a few.

How cute is this?

Did you notice the kitchen sink and taps for goodness sakes!

Even the kitchen sink!

There’s not only a steering wheel in the front but speed odometer, foot pedals, a gear stick – awesome!

Go on, I dare you to tell me you don't love it!

And although Master Eleven has now finished his Lego whilst Miss Ten has only just begun, he couldn’t be happier. He’s so grateful for what he’s been given that he’s not bothered with his sister’s Lego so thankfully not asking that dreaded question… “mum, how much longer?”