Monotone Mushrooms (Monochrome Monday)

What a combination – mushrooms and raindrops. Having to pick my moment to run up the driveway in between showers to photograph them maybe not so exciting but well worth the effort. Well, I think so, lol!


As I was belly down on the ground endeavouring to get “the shot“, I heard foot-steps coming up the other-side of the driveway from my neighbours. By the time I sat up there was no one around, there was only the sound of a car door closing.

Guess they didn’t want to scare the wildlife!😂




Five Fingers of Fungus (Wordless Wednesday)








The Tiny World Below (WPC: Tiny)

Time seems to be flying by. Without any security or passport control to slow things down, its disappearing at the most alarming rate in this countdown to Christmas (and Hubby’s return… 36 days and counting!).

The Daily Post for their Weekly Photo Challenge has offered… Tiny. This tiny mushroom proving very apt for this challenge!

WPC - Tiny

This tiny mushroom comes complete with an assortment of our local mosses surrounding it, highlighting just how tiny it truly is. Clearly mushrooms has become my unofficial theme for this week, lol!






Too much of the transmogrifying! (Monochrome Monday)

For the Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post a couple of weeks ago, I selected a photo of some toadstools growing along the side of my driveway. Two weeks later this is they, a tad sadder.


Should you wish to see these tantalizing toadstools in the midst of their prime, click here. Not sure if they were mushrooms or toadstool I went with toadstools as nothing seemed to be eating them then or now.

This had me thinking they were poisonous hence… toadstools.





The Under Belly (One Four Challenge – Week 2)

It’s Week 2 of the fabulous One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn Gosby of Captivate Me.

For this week, I simply cropped my photograph following the edits I did for last week. This was done to highlight the gills of the mushroom even more-so. These gills absolutely fascinate me – such a paradox being so delicate yet so hardy all at once.


A quick recap on my edits from last week. The photograph had been cropped just a little to bring the gills closer as well as bumping up the contrast to also enhance them. Then all I did was tweak both the vibrancy and clarity.

Below is last week’s submission as well as the original for comparison.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you aren’t familiar with the One-Four-Challenge is where you choose one of your own photographs and for four weeks, you edit this photo differently each week. Sounds easy enough but doesn’t always work out that way, lol!





Transmogrifying Toadstools (WPC: Transmogrify)

Talk about a word that rips the corners of your mouth when you say it! Transmogrify is this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge from the Daily Post, meaning “to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”

What perfect timing was is that the same morning the Daily Post disclosed this challenge, I’d been laying on my driveway taking photographs of these already transforming toadstools.


When we first moved into this house, some of these little egg-like growths were at the top of the drive. Being snap frozen thanks to the weather nothing more became of them. Having never seen them before this is all we thought they were. Until…

A few weeks ago more “eggs” appeared. Reminding me of little creatures, I was keen to get some photos of them. Getting side-tracked, it was a couple of days before I remembered my mission, by which time our eggs were morphing into tiny umbrellas.

We had absolutely no idea. Seriously Mother Nature, you ROCK!







Wooden Fungus (Monochrome Madness)

One morning as I was pottering around the bottom of our back yard in a vain attempt to get a dewdrop photo of something I no doubt forgot once I was down there, I stumbled upon this fungus.

Wooden Fungus

If only there had been some small insects buzzing around so I could determine if those lip-like protrusions were actually lips, ready to snap up any poor, unsuspecting creature flitting past!






Natures own Wrapping (Monochrome Monday)

This small branch, in its very own wrapping was in our carport the day we moved into our new home last December. Almost like a welcoming gift. It was then rehoused on a window sill where it sat for the longest time before eventually disappearing.

Natures own Wrapping

The colours and textures this natural covering creates is seemingly unlimited, providing the most wonderful subject matter to photograph.





Frilly Fungus (Wordless Wednesday)


Frilly Fungus

Fence Fungus!

Is it wrong to find Fence Fungus so darn appealing???

Fence Fungus - seriously, don't you think it's gorgeous?!

The colors, the texture, I love it all but when the sun really begins to shine, uh oh… “mum, how much longer?”