To SHINE a Natural Light on Halloween (WPC: Shine)

Yesterday morning I couldn’t help but have a quiet chortle to myself when I noticed how Mother Nature was casting her natural light across my “cocooned” chickens. It was as if she was shining a spotlight upon them.


With my ceramic chickens so well and truly secured in the garden, it was easier to have them ensconced in spider-web for Halloween rather than attempting to remove them. Especially as this guy is hanging from the bushes close by.


There’s also the not-so-cutesy decorations. There are several tombstones scattered around the front yard along with the usual body parts in spider-webs plus an old body. Nothing too gruesome for anyone visiting next week.


There’s a rumour our street is popular for trick and treaters hence we have filled our cauldrons with bags of candy in readiness. If only our 8-foot witch standing near the door still cackled, oh well, halloween… bring it on!

SHINE is this week’s Daily Post’s word for the Weekly Photo Challenge.



I just love… LIZARDS!

I know that probably sounds a little strange… well, maybe a lot strange but the sight of those little skinks darting around garden beds or a big old Water Dragon scampering around simply delights me! It reminds me that man hasn’t taken over everywhere just yet, that wildlife still exists (a tad deep but what can I say, the lizards bring it out in me!).

When the beach was still too messy to walk on last week I took to the footpath instead and stumbled upon this gorgeous dude keeping watch over things.

Water Dragon watch!

At our house in Buderim we have Water Dragons everywhere and as the nursing home where my mother is wait-listed is also in Buderim, there are loads roaming those gardens. I take that as a good sign!

Let’s hope they bring us luck also as we need that phone call regarding mum sooner rather than later but…  “mum, how much longer?”