The Power Within (iPhriday Flowers)

The gerberas  included in my Valentine’s flowers seemed larger than usual. The diameter of these blooms was simply extraordinary!


It was as if these gerberas were created just for the camera… just for me. How lucky was I?!





Modern Take on Valentine Flowers (Wordless Wednesday)








Friday Night Flower (iPhriday Flowers)

This geranium was just one of the six in the mixed bunch of flowers Hubby brought home last Friday night. They were simply beautiful.

Friday Night Flower

Once again I’m lovin’ this opportunity offered by Lisa over at GrayDaysandCoffee for iPhone photos. It’s such a hoot playing with images on the phone!







Geranium Highlights (Macro Monday)


Geranium Highlights





Summer Raindrops (Monday Macro)

The inner new growth of this geranium was so tightly twisted yet, as hard as it was to believe, there was still room for raindrops settling in the grooves within.

Summer Growth

Oh Mother Nature, I do so love your endless supply of natural beauty – may it be there for generations to come!