Afternoon Autumn Glow (WPC – Glow)

Yesterday afternoon I had to take a double-take at the house across the harbour. At first glance there appeared to be flames licking at the side of the house. My zoom-lens quickly revealed this burning glow to simply be a tree’s autumn attire.

Glow is The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge word the week.





Typical Teenager (A Photo a Week Challenge: Glowing)

Earlier in the week, following a very wet beginning to the day, the sun’s rays poked though the clouds just enough for this young deer to bask in the afternoon glow.


Typical teenager, after a morning bouncing around the hills, chasing her cousins, this one all but collapsed as soon as she felt the sun on her back.

Glow is this week’s challenge from Nancy Merrill Photography and her A Photo a Week Challenge.