Iconic Grid (Weekly Photo Challenge)

This week’s challenge word from the Daily Post is… GRID.

So many images were flashing through my mind this week when first thing this morning I awoke with an “ah-ha” moment. Okay so Hubby turned on the lights, then placed a hot cup of coffee on my bedside table but it was kinda the same!

Grid WPC

This was NOT the photo I was thinking of in bed. However when I turned on my computer up came my photo of the Sydney Opera House and all those hundreds and hundreds, thousands and thousands of tiles. Now there’s a grid!

When you stare at it, you can see the grid within the grid. It may not be your regular tick-tack-toe grid but for me, that’s grid enough for me!




Wind down the Fjord (Travel Theme: Wind)

There are so many things that come to mind when I think of our three years in Iceland – the friendly people, the unique scenery, and of course the incredible WIND. There weren’t always fierce winds but at times it certainly felt like it!

Wind down our fjord!

On this particular day, 75 kph winds were whipping up the waters upon our fjord, creating not only many a white cap but quite the mist in the air from all the spray. Tucked safely in my warm house, it was quite the sight to behold!

This is Reyðarfjörður, on the east coast of Iceland at approximately 3 o’clock on the Icelandic map. This is where we called home for our three years and would go back in a heartbeat if the opportunity ever arose. 🙂

Where's my Backpack?




TOY boys! (Travel Theme)

This week’s word from Alias over at Where’s My Backpack? is, TOY… so I’m going with TOY BOY and not just one but FOUR of them at that. You see, last week Darling Daughter and I saw in concert none other than One Direction!

One Direction

And I will be the first to admit, I was pleasantly surprised, it was a good concert. I know, I’m shocked too but for the entire concert I was up, out of my seat, dancing with the best of them by the end. The best part, Darling Daughter didn’t even mind!

It was such a fun night as there was a definite camaraderie between the four boys albeit there were definitely four different personalities up there on stage: the one who is a musician not JUST a singer; the one who wished someone had declared “no glove, no love“; the one ensuring everyone else is okay; and then there’s the one who if not in rehab in the next five years, or worse, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

Given the average age of the concert goers was most likely sixteen as you can see, oddly I didn’t feel old (lol, what does that say about me I wonder?). However, I quickly learnt that this age don’t applaud at the end of a song, they scream.

I am NOT old

Between the girls beside us and these behind, honestly, I swear my ears were bleeding at time. My gosh they could scream loudly but hey, I survived to tell the story and have the souvenir program to prove it, lol!

Where's my Backpack?



Sailing Thirty Foot Swells (OWPC: Hurricane)


This week’s theme word for the One Word (Weather) Photo Challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells is… HURRICANE.

Hurricane Sandy instantly came to mind as we were headed to New York City on our cruise at the exactly the same time she was scheduled to arrive. Except she seemed to be coming in on her broomstick, we on a ship.

Hurricane Sandy

Overnight swells reached thirty feet, by the time I took this photo, the swells had decreased to just eighteen feet, nothing really in comparison. Looking at this photo it’s just looks cold, wet and miserable but trust me, the swells were still there.

Thirty minutes earlier, Master Thirteen, who was eleven at the time, and I were sitting in the dining room waiting for breakfast. As he watched the ocean go up and down as the ship went up and down, he first turned pale, then turned white.

He made it until just as his breakfast was served then alas we needed to be beat a hasty retreat. It was the fastest I’ve EVER eaten breakfast however as who knew that riding the waves could make one so hungry, lol!





Is it really free time or was there something?


What was I going to do...



Happy May Long Week-end!


Last night... oh yeah!



Dirty Dishes equals Fun… NOT!

Dirty Dishes equals fun... NOT!

Seriously, as if YOU wouldn’t do this – Wordless Wednesday

Sydney Harbor Bridge Workers

Down by the Riverside – Wordless Wednesday


Down by the Riverside

Happy Anniversary!

Thirteen years ago I married my best friend and the father to my children. This is just one of the dozen white roses he sent me to celebrate this wonderful mile-stone!

Thirteen down, how many to go???

No, it’s not been all champagne and roses by any stretch of the imagination but hey, when you begin your wedding day with the groom sifting your urine with a hospital cap to prove to your obstetrician I was indeed passing kidney stones thus allowing me to be released from hospital so we could be married that afternoon, you just know one’s married life is never going to be “standardized“!

Thirteen down, a life-time to go but one can’t help ask on the odd, VERY odd occasion… “mum, how much longer?”