Never a blank canvas for long! (Monochrome Monday)

No matter where in the world you go, if there’s a large expanse of concrete that is accessible by an individual with a spray-can, it is soon covered with graffiti.

Sometimes they can be quite artistic, and sometimes sadly it’s just a wish-mash like these!






Extermination time! (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge #27)

Walking around Tallinn, Estonia I came across some graffiti of a different kind.

Extermination Time

Perhaps it was an inside joke but when you’re not on the inside, it’s sometimes hard to get the joke. What can I say, I hate, no, I DESPISE cockroaches, yuk!

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge




Express Yourself (WPC)

Being the lady I am I won’t repeat what I said when I initially read this week’s prompt, Express Yourself, from the Daily Post, lol. 🙂 However, as time went on I calmed down and before I knew it, had many images come to mind.

Finally I selected this, as the motivation behind this graffiti still baffles me as to
a) how, and b) why this person chose to express themselves here.

Graffiti in the Middle of NO WHERE!!! Why???

You see, here, is on a small rock face on an island’s edge outside Ketchikan, Alaska. Although the rock-face provides a natural canvas for this graffiti, there’s no easy path to it as it’s on the side of cliff, albeit not a very large cliff, but still not somewhere you just “happen” upon.

Yes, some graffiti is quite good and yes, in the right places is quite effective but here in what seems the middle of nowhere, and the middle of mother nature’s true beauty, it appears quite sad really.

It certainly wasn’t “fresh“, appearing to be quite faded, but as to completely disappearing, well… “mum, how much longer?”

This really says it ALL!!!

We couldn’t help but smile after spotting this painted on the side of a building as we proceeded to the look-out above the Medieval Old City of Tallinn.

The Times we had!!!

It really did sum up our wonderful visit to Tallinn, Estonia. There are so many more photographs I would love to share but even from where I sit here at the end of the channel I can sense if I did there would be an enormous outcry of… “mum, how much longer?”