Beauty Within (Friday Flowers)







A Hint of Prince (Wordless Wednesday)


A Hint of Prince






Morning Raindrops (Macro Monday)

This is the same photograph I used earlier today for my Monochrome Monday. For me it’s one of those photographs that I just couldn’t resist doing in both black and white and in colour. And once again I can’t decide which I prefer.

Morning Raindrops

As I was writing up my post for Monochrome Monday it was definitely the black and white I preferred. Yet as I sit typing up this post, I’m now drawn to the mass of violet and green hues towards the top left corner. Decisions, decisions, lol!







Morning Raindrops (Monochrome Monday)

There is nothing quite like seeing raindrops hanging from plants. For me it’s like a visual confirmation that the plants grooming needs have been met having been all watered and cleaned.

Morning Raindrops Monochromatic

How blessed are we to be able to walk outside our backdoor and see this natural beauty within arms reach? Yes, we are truly, truly lucky {sigh}.







Grass Seeds (Macro Monday)

On this particular day, on this particular walk, my main objective was to get “the” shot of a Dandelion Head. I’m not sure I really achieved my objective however I did stumble upon some beautiful grass. Well, at least I think it was grass!

Grass Growing

Mother Nature truly is a glorious wonder – the colors, the beauty, the exquisite uniqueness. I’ve said it before but honestly, how blessed are we to share in all she has to offer.



Watching Grass Grow (MM2-20)

When looking for something different for Leanne Cole’s Photography Monochrome Madness I came across this photo I’d taken during one of my many walks a little while back.

Grass Growing - Monochrome

One can always count on Mother Nature to come through with inspiration when inspiration is needed.


Leanne Cole Photography




Dew Drops!

Whilst Master Twelve was fishing last week, I was trying to get the shot of grass-seeds. For whatever reason I really wanted an arty-farty grass-head shot!

Grass stems

It wasn’t until I’d downloaded my photos later that day that I noticed that one of the grass-heads still had dew drops, bonus!

Grass stems and dew drops

There’s so much to photograph down at the river, I love it but every now and then I here my young man ask… “mum, how much longer?”