Merry Christmas!

As the clock slowly moves closer to Christmas Eve and the smell of baking fills the air, I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for making the time throughout the year to visit with me here.  I am so very grateful!

Christmas 2018 Photo.jpg

Here’s to a very happy and healthy 2019!
Joanne x





Very Hands On! (A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands)

From the moment my son was born, there wasn’t much he didn’t miss. He was always looking, absorbing everything. Routine is something he and I very much have in common. Hence when his sister came along, he was there for her.

What makes me smile each and every time I see this photo is how big brother was showing little sister how to open her mouth wide for her yoghurt. The yoghurt he’d retrieved and opened himself just for her. My darling boy was very hands on!

Hands is this week’s A Photo a Week Challenge word from Nancy Merrill Photography.






The greatest gift of all!

As my family can attest to, I have absolutely NO problem with MY birthday – Happy Birthday ME! Yet of all the gifts I’ve received over the years, there has been no greater gift in my life then these three people here.

My greatest gifts of all time!

Miss Eleven was but three weeks old in this photo where her Big Brother and Besotted Daddy are comforting her (actually, I think she was peeing on Hubby at the time but let’s not ruin the moment!).

There’s no denying “things” are nice to have and of course can prove more than useful at times (as I look into my Studio) but to have the love of a family such as mine, well, this is the greatest gift of all. I say this with tears in my eyes as I do know, and give thanks EVERY day, for how lucky I am for the life I have.

And as I sit here in the quiet of the house counting my blessings whilst the children sleep (note I have three girls this morning and no boy, hmmm), I have to wonder, when it comes to popping the champagne cork… “mum, how much longer?”