Shine a little light (Wordless Wednesday)








Colourful Low Tide (Wordless Wednesday)


Colourful Low Tide





Rain or Shine (Monochrome Monday)

The weather was more than average one day last week but this person seemed to determine to go out regardless. There’s no holding back a true boatie!

Come Rain or Shine

The pop of red in the jacket they were wearing seemed in stark contrast to the rest of their surroundings. Great for safety, whilst also making for a great photo!




Now you see it…

now you don’t!

Yesterday as you can see, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

Clear skies!

It was the most incredible day (once again, no I don’t like the bright sun but can appreciate the occasional beauty of it) but today its the opposite – grey clouds and the cold – I love it!

My neighbors are asking about yesterday’s weather, I on the other-hand am asking about today’s weather… “mum, how much longer?”

Where’s the sunshine???

After only four days of brilliant sunshine, to wake up this morning to grey skies was quite the shock.

Don’t get me wrong, my Mt Elizabeth looked absolutely stunning with the darker backdrop today but it seemed so odd after only a short time not to have the blue skies. Of course with the cloud cover it was just as warm (if not warmer) but it all seemed different for a reason I can’t explain.

I had been seriously considering giving myself a day in bed as all my patients were either back at school or work but when I heard the weather report saying that later in the week the temperatures were dropping, combining with rain or snow I jumped out of bed, grabbed the “to-do” list and headed downtown. I’d rather do a dozen things quickly under the shelter of grey skies then a dozen things slowly as I skid and slide in slush. They don’t warn you about this?

This was me before Christmas, attempting to push my trolley of groceries to the car. I’ve since learnt it’s easier to struggle with everything hanging off my arms then it is attempting to push a trolley across the slush. It’s the little things in life we take for granted isn’t it?!

So… they say there’s more snow up in them there mountains… “mum, how much longer?”