Grass Root Level (Monochrome Monday)

The snowfall we received at the beginning of the month is forever etched in my mind. They were the lightest and fluffiest snowflakes I’d seen for the longest time.


A photograph doesn’t do them justice. The way each flake settled so gracefully in amongst each blade, balancing so delicately as if daring the wind to blow it off, was beautiful to watch.





The Tiny World Below (WPC: Tiny)

Time seems to be flying by. Without any security or passport control to slow things down, its disappearing at the most alarming rate in this countdown to Christmas (and Hubby’s return… 36 days and counting!).

The Daily Post for their Weekly Photo Challenge has offered… Tiny. This tiny mushroom proving very apt for this challenge!

WPC - Tiny

This tiny mushroom comes complete with an assortment of our local mosses surrounding it, highlighting just how tiny it truly is. Clearly mushrooms has become my unofficial theme for this week, lol!






Sluggin’ it Out! (Wordless Wednesday)