An Autumn Favourite (Monochrome Monday)

These mushrooms appeared on our front lawn just in time for Halloween, complete with an icky-sticky black goo around the edges.

If I hadn’t watch them hatch from their egg-shaped beginnings I would have believed they were someone’s Halloween decorations had gone walk-about!







Halloween is so, SO close! (Monochrome Monday)

It feels as if Halloween was only a few months ago, how can it be Halloween again tomorrow night? The days seem to fly by these days without any effort at all!

And if it’s Halloween tomorrow night, that can only mean one thing… Christmas is just around the corner. WOO HOO, let the countdown begin!🎄







Just how long did THIS delivery take? (JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Skeleton)

As we walked around Manhattan we spied this skeleton hanging randomly from a tree in front of a store. The thing was that it was March not October but hey, it was New York City!

Skeleton is today’s challenge word for Jennifer Nichole Wells Halloween Challenge.





What’s brewing? (JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Party)

What better for a Halloween party then these fabulous bright glasses to hold a witches brew or two. Don’t you love how the humble mason jar has progressed over the years?

Party is today’s Challenge Word from Jennifer Nichole Wells Halloween Challenge.





Hands up who likes Halloween (JNW’s Halloween Challenge – Spooky)

Last year I came across these “bloody hand prints” purely by chance. I had them decorating both our front door and our front windows for that little something spooky for our visitors!

Jennifer Nichole Wells is once again hosting her fun Halloween Challenge. Today’s challenge word is… Spooky.







New-Age Count Drac! (JHC: Bat/Vampire)

This guy was one of the very first Halloween decorations I bought after moving to Canada. He’s not very gruesome but he does have a certain “je ne sais quoi” about him I think (or perhaps I’m simply going batty, lol).

Count Drac

Count Drac and his bats is my submission for Jennifer Nichole Wells Halloween Challenge today of – Bats/Vampire. How did Jennifer know my vampire came complete with bats I wonder???






Lurking in the Shadows (Fav Foto Friday)

With only the street lights shining through the open blinds, our Halloween decorations certainly had me doing a double take one night as I wandered out to the living room.

Lurking in the Shadows!

Miss Twelve had decorated the window obviously with a giant spider, which in the daylight looked effective enough. What neither of us had expected though was the shadows created by the street light across the road. Bonus!

Happy Black Friday!





Happy Halloween!!!

Both children for Halloween were allowed to wear costumes to school today. Master Ten was a coke can ALL day and night, whilst Miss Ten fittingly for school was a Crayola then for trick or treating this evening she was “Wacky Tacky” – gorgeous huh?!

Halloween fun has only just begun!

When the trick or treating was complete, it was time for the fireworks. We love how fireworks are sold here to we mere mortals for Halloween. Not sure how excited our neighbors were as we’d bought the biggest box and then some but heck, we had a ball!

Halloween Fireworks!

This Halloween we had a lot more visitors up our stairs and judging by the what the children brought home, there were a lot more homes opening their doors also. This is JUST Master Ten’s haul!

Halloween Haul - not bad for two hours work!

Yep, BEST HALLOWEEN EVER and aren’t I going to have fun tomorrow when the children are at school. There’ll be no surprises as to what the children will be hollering when they discover their depleted treat-piles… “mum, how much longer?

The only time spiders are okay!

When I was taking Hubby to the doctors yesterday, the last thing I imagined that would be coming home with us would be this spider but I couldn’t resist. A spider shouldn’t be alone for Halloween…

Spider Power - the only time spiders are acceptable!

Plus, it helped explain why I’d put so many spider webs over the house. In the daylight it looks a tad odd but of an evening it all comes together very well!

Halloween House

Even the tombstones in the front yard didn’t escape the spider-web.

Halloween Tombstone...

I’m not sure if it’s obvious but we are sooooo looking forward to Halloween… “mum, how much longer?”