Sunshine in a Basket on a Wet Day – Wordless Wednesday

Sunshine in a Basket on a Wet Day

Summer Droplets!

The summer showers continue, bringing new life to the earth, refreshing what is already here. LOVE IT! 🙂

Summer Droplets

One can NEVER have enough water droplets. Unless of course it’s that continual leak from our bathtub over one of the tables down in the Studio.

Now THAT I have had MORE than enough of, seriously… “mum, how much longer?”

Inner Beauty…

Following my afternoon of lying in the grass with the bees, as I walked up our front stairs, the light was hitting one of our hanging baskets of magenta petunias.

The colors that were being highlighted inside these flowers were simply stunning.

The hidden Inner Beauty of a Petunia!

Mother Nature, there is no competing with her color palette. The white could be either a sprinkling of pollen or perhaps some fairy dust!

Okay I admit it, although not a summer-sunshine kind of gal, I really am enjoying the flowers this year but if this heat keeps up… “mum, how much longer?”

Spring is in the air!

The weather doesn’t seem to be able to decide what it’s going to do lately. We wake to what appears to be sunny skies and these wonderful wispy clouds floating along the foothills.

I just love these clouds!

Then the next thing you know it’s raining! After a rain-shower mid-morning I came out to the kitchen to find both bird feeders occupied – a hummingbird at its feeder and the red-head at the woodpecker feeder. Of course by the time I found the camera only “ranga” was left but it still makes me smile to think about it.

Lovin' the birdlife!

Ironically I’d only just changed the hanging baskets around this morning, moving the red petunias to the front and bringing these purple ones to the back, and already the hummingbirds are sniffing around the flowers.

Says a lot about the hummingbirds preference for red flowers but I’m so glad they’re coming back. Hopefully they’ll bring back friends and family so I’ll stop wondering where they are and…  “mum, how much longer?”

Who are you?

With the hanging baskets up and the bird feeders back outside, we soon were getting visitors once again. This little guy, whom I’ve never seen before, popped over this morning for brunch.

Who are you???

My limited googling has him as a Red-headed Sparrow but whatever he is, he made my morning looking as if he’d been playing in some red powder-paint!

Hopefully he’ll be back and will bring friends next time but the burning question is… “mum, how much longer?”

Happy Birthday Victoria!

Today we are celebrating the birth of Queen Victoria (the actual date being May 24, 1819) who, for many a Canadian back in the day, was considered the “mother of confederation“. Queen Victoria’s reign of 63 years and 7 months  has given her the title of both longest reigning British monarch and longest reigning FEMALE monarch ANYWHERE, ANYTIME… not that much longer before old Queen Liz II takes those titles. Always good to have incentive isn’t it?!

Our Victoria Day was a little of everything beginning at 12.30 this morning when I received a call from Master Eleven, who was having a sleep-over at a mates. He was complaining of a sore throat and thought perhaps his tonsils had flared up again. Poor thing could barely speak when I collected him his throat was so sore. Consequently a trip up to the hospital today was made for drugs to alleviate the pain.

Although a statutory holiday for most, Darling Hubby still needed to go into work for a few hours. This is what greeted him when he came out to the dining room this morning before he headed off…

An abundance of Flowers!

You see, Master Eleven’s phone call didn’t wake me as only a tad earlier I was under the impression Miss Poppy was gallivanting outside which had me outside on the back deck calling her. Silly me however as I soon discovered she wasn’t outside and why would she be, it was freezing! I quickly checked the weather on-line and we were heading for an overnight temperature of 0CEL. As you can see, I had quite a number of hanging baskets outside that quickly needed to come inside.

Anyways, by late afternoon the new back deck was looking as if it had always been like that. Darling Hubby had spray painted all our plant hangers white yesterday to blended with the new railings. Once up hanging baskets were added, creating a colorful picture. It all looks fabulous!

Our fabulously warm fire-pit!

Being so still this evening the fire pit had a grand christening. We sat around first enjoying a glass of wine after the week-end that was, then with Miss Nine’s encouragement, we ate our BBQ dinner there also which was so very nice. Especially when the Hummingbirds began humming around us and visiting. It was so cool!

Apart from waiting until the floor has totally dried before bringing our BBQ back upstairs and adding the patio cooler, our deck is now complete. No longer will we be taking tentative steps outsides and wondering… “mum, how much longer?”