Fully Loaded! (Wordless Wednesday)





Motoring into the morning! (Monochrome Monday)

Some mornings the fishing trawlers just seem brighter than others. Then again, perhaps it’s simply  a case of my having cleaned my glasses!

Looking out my back windows at “my” harbour never gets old – there’s always something for me to gaze upon!






Early morning – my favorite time of day! (Wordless Wednesday)





They grow up so fast! (Feathered Friday)

Already this juvenile Bald Eagle is showing signs of adulthood with more white on his head and that much more yellow in his beak. Oh how I appreciate his visits showing me these subtleties of his aging!

With such an abundance of bird life this spring I thought I’d begin a “Feathered Friday” to introduce you to just a few of the new, and not so new, arrivals!






Ending with a hint of pink! (Wordless Wednesday)






Emerging from within the mist! (Monochrome Monday)







Cue the Unicorn! (Wordless Wednesday)