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Springtime sunset silhouettes! (Wordless Wednesday)







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Winter Sunset! (Wordless Wednesday)







Through the trees into the mist! (Wordless Wednesday)








Into the Mist! (Wordless Wednesday)







Morning Moon – what’s your story? (WPC – Story)

The upside of not being able to sleep last week (I’ve yet to find the upside of not being able to sleep this week) was that I was able to follow the full moon from its high point in the sky until it finally dipped behind the trees.

As with the sun setting each night allows one to rewrite the next day, for me each full moon is a reminder to reflect on how the last few weeks were, and what the coming weeks will be. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Story is The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.






White Tops in the Morning (Wordless Wednesday)