Transparent Touches (Flower Friday)






Beauty comes in all Shapes and Sizes (Macro Monday)

Just once I’d like to get a shot of one of these little guys from the front but until I do, I will have to be content with this semi-action shot of this dude about to jump from behind!

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!

I’m told this guy is a frog. Where I come from anything that looks like this is a toad so I’m trying my hardest to NOT “judge a book by its cover”. Fortunately he wasn’t much bigger than a quarter so he still had cuteness on his side!





Yesterday’s Beauty (One Four Challenge: Week 2)

Here it is Week 2 of the One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn at Captivate Me. Robyn’s challenge is to choose one photo of your choice then each week for the next four weeks, process it a different way.

This week I’ve adjusted the Hue, Contrast and Temperature of this image, intensifying the blue tones, giving the image a more “pretty” appearance (for want of a better description).

Yesterdays Beauty 1-4-2

Should you have missed last week’s post, this is a photo I took off the structure that surrounds the actual hot springs out at Harrison Hot Springs, BC.

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I’m sure not everyone’s memory is quite like mine, but just for comparison sake the slide-show contains the previous week’s photo.

the ONE FOUR Challenge