What a day…grrrrr!

Today could not have been a more frustrating day if I’d planned it that way… I was FUMING!!!

It seemed to be one thing after another but the most irritating was from this one particular company where I’d placed an order weeks ago that was due over the week-end. I’d heard nothing so rang inquiring as to what the now expected delivery date was. Interesting, there would be no delivery as there was no order – they’d cancelled it! WTF?!

And it was all without any advice to me which really sent me into a tailspin. After all the details you have to give to place an order these days it never ceases to amaze me how no one is ever able make contact! Why is that?

What was even more annoying was having to listen to someone on the phone who clearly was not listening to a word I was saying. Even more incredulous was the total disregard of the poor service not only from they in Customer Service, but from, and for, the staff member who canceled the order and didn’t advise me.

And after all this time on the phone was I offered an apology, NO! It was I, the customer, who had to request an apology, and what was worse, this middle-age woman then suddenly become a petulant three-year child whining an apology to me. I could have jumped through the phone to slap her, instead I hung-up. She’d made her point, I was obviously disturbing her coffee break.

Thank goodness for my Hummingbirds though. I came out to the kitchen for my own calm-down coffee or two and what did I see not one but TWO Hummingbirds. What joy!

Love the Hummingbirds!

Not to be outdone though, Miss Nine was playing on the trampoline this evening where she counted SEVEN Hummingbirds!

I soooooo can’t wait until our decks are set-up with plants and out-door furniture so once-again we can sit quietly amongst nature listening to that wonderful hum emanating from my Hummingbirds… “mum, how much longer?”



To say I was excited at 10.06am this morning would have been an understatement – I was grinning from ear to ear, jumping up and down, you would have thought I’d won the lottery!

Instead, when looking out my kitchen window, who was at the sugar feeder but this little guy!


Well… possibly not him personally as the little guy who flew in so quickly today obviously noted that our sugar feeder was yet to be cleaned from last season so flew off equally as quickly. This left me bereft of a photo of him so I’ve “borrowed” one from last year. Hope you don’t mind but a photo of a lonely sugar feeder seemed to sad to share!

There was even a red-throat hummingbird over in the tree next door that gives me hope that the hummingbirds are well and truly on their way back into town… yee hah!

Needless to say though I am now stalking the kitchen window with regularity but have yet to be rewarded with another sighting, dang it… “mum, how much longer?”

They’re back!!!

Whilst I was outside this afternoon I heard above me what sounded like a phone vibrating only in stereo. I knew immediately what it was… my hummingbirds were back!

I wasted no time finding our hummingbird feeder, filling it then hanging it outside. Within an hour we had company. This year as you can see I’m conducting an experiment with the red liquid to see if in fact it attracts more birds than the clear sugary liquid.

I was soooooo excited at the return of the hummingbirds I was bouncing around the kitchen like a labrador puppy. Of course, the children simply rolled their eyes at me and asked… “mum, how much longer?”