There’s always a Solution (Monochrome Monday)









Ready for tomorrow? (Thursday Thoughts)

Time to dust off anything and everything green, stock up on the Guinness and be prepared to party, party, party!


Have fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day however you choose to do tomorrow!






Party Animals (Thursday Thoughts)

With hubby home on R&R after two months aways, it’s all systems go. With Spring Break not beginning until the weekend, early starts for school are still a necessity. Combine this with jet lag, well


At the end of the day we are just a pair of party animals, lol!😂






It all comes down to one’s perspective (Travel Theme: Bark)

This could be a stretch for this week’s theme of Bark from Where’s My Backpack but I couldn’t resist. This came up last week on Darling Daughter’s daily calendar.


Yes, more than likely I’m barking up the wrong tree with this challenge but you have to admit, it’s both a little bit funny and just a smidge true of most of us. Well, maybe not me but everyone else, lol!





Honest cat, I’m Rudolph the Reindeer! (Wordless Wednesday)

Rudolph Rat






Anyone for Yoga?


Enjoy Yoga

What IS common sense?


Common Sense

Sometimes I miss the good old days…

Time to end THAT call...



Is it really free time or was there something?


What was I going to do...



Happy Mother’s Day!

Recycled Teenagers...