All shall be revealed soon enough! (Flower Friday)

My current favourite flower, the hyacinth. Every other week when I do the grocery shop I purchase another pot of budding blooms.

Oh the anticipation of just when these tiny buds will bloom, not only revealing the delicate flowers within but also releasing the most beautiful perfume.






Pink Puff Ball (iPhriday Flower)

Sometimes even I am left speechless at the amount of tweaking I do to a photo when I’m editing it on the iPhone. Seriously, this flower was on a bush of many blooms yet here it is, single and alone. Oh well!

Pink Puff Ball

The only defence I have is that the children must have taken longer then usual getting to the car after school that day as that’s when I tend to do my phone editing, sitting in the school car park. Ah yes dear friends, it’s all about time management, lol!😂


Gray Days and Coffee