Awash in Pink (Flower Friday)

Having read a blog post a couple of days ago by Emily Carter Mitchell – Nature & Wildlife Photography regarding the various apps she was currently using for editing her phone photos, within moments I’d downloaded them also.😂

Thank you Emily – as you can see, DistressFX is already a firm favourite!




First geranium of spring (Flower Friday)

My first geraniums this spring, a glorious pink, are more than bright enough however… I couldn’t resist just a little tweaking on the iPhone.

One of these days I’ll stop pumping up the saturation, it just won’t be today!




The slow release (Flower Friday)

Watching and waiting as the buds slowly unfurl, revealing the beautiful bloom within whilst releasing its intoxicating perfume, wishing it was faster and slower all at the same time.

Who knew such a small pot of hyacinth blooms could be so exhausting!😂





Iris Grunge (iPhriday Flowers)

Such an old-world flower deserved an old-world feel hence the grunge filter. Ah yes, I do like the filter-fun the iPhone allows one to have (an understatement some would say, lol).


Seldom do I take a photo of an iris that I like but with the simply addition of a filter, I’m fine.





Dehydrated Hydrangea (iPhone Flower)








In the Beginning (iPhriday Flowers)







Bottled Beauty (iPhriday Flowers)








Looking Through Rose Coloured Glasses (iPhriday Flowers)

Seriously, who knew taking a photo with my iPhone whilst holding this bunch of roses was going to be so difficult. This is SO not the image I was hoping to get.


At least it’s a capture of the bunch of coloured roses Hubby bought for me a few weeks ago. With a little tweaking from an iPhone app, it’s all good, lol.






Graceful Petals (WPC: Graceful)

The delicate, gracefulness of a rose and its petals are something that has been much admired for many, many years by many, many different people.


The unfurling of its petals as life takes its natural course is something beautiful to behold. Graceful is this week’s Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge word.







Tulip Time (iPhriday Flower)

When we visited Pike Place Market in Seattle over the weekend it unfortunately wasn’t until quite late Sunday afternoon. Many of the stalls were either packing up or already packed up.


The stall selling these beautiful tulips however was still open for business with hundreds of tulips still incredibly available. I say incredibly as there was always at least one person buying a bunch or two, with another person waiting!