Iris Grunge (iPhriday Flowers)

Such an old-world flower deserved an old-world feel hence the grunge filter. Ah yes, I do like the filter-fun the iPhone allows one to have (an understatement some would say, lol).


Seldom do I take a photo of an iris that I like but with the simply addition of a filter, I’m fine.





Standing Proud (iPhriday Flowers)

These lilies are always so striking. Whether they are in the garden, in a pot, or in an arrangement such as mine, they look so surreal.


What can I say – they say it loud, they say it proud!





Blurry Blues (iPhriday Flowers)

In amongst the wonderful assortment of greens and flowers of my Valentine’s flowers were some Heritage Hydrangeas. Some of my all-time favourite flowers.


Seeing these blooms included was so exciting as it’s been forever since there have been fresh hydrangeas in the house, woohoo!






Tulip Time (iPhriday Flower)

When we visited Pike Place Market in Seattle over the weekend it unfortunately wasn’t until quite late Sunday afternoon. Many of the stalls were either packing up or already packed up.


The stall selling these beautiful tulips however was still open for business with hundreds of tulips still incredibly available. I say incredibly as there was always at least one person buying a bunch or two, with another person waiting!






Nature’s very own Baubles! (iPhriday Flowers)








Right on Point! (iPhriday Flower)

Except there’s no “T” is there? Who knew? After a lifetime of hearing and pronouncing it as POINTsettia, it’s only now I learn it’s not. What a shocker to learn differently. Dang!


Learning that I’ve been mispronouncing it forever is almost as funny as the way Master Fifteen cringed with complete and utter embarrassment as I took this photo at the grocery store on the weekend. Good to know I’ve still got it, lol!😂





Jolly Holly (iPhriday Flowers)

‘Tis the season for holly. I just love it. Honestly, I could have vases of holly all over the house for December. It’s so beautiful and has such a lovely Christmas feel to it… a visual feel that is, lol!😂


Could be a good time to start looking into some plants for the garden in preparation for future Christmases I think. Plus I’m sure holly wouldn’t be that enticing to our deer but you never know!