A Mellow Halloween (Travel Theme)

Following our three years in Iceland and our North American friends there, the children had grown accustomed to celebrating Halloween so were saddened to learn on moving back to Australia it wasn’t celebrated quite the same.

Hence once I heard Australia Zoo was celebrating Halloween, I took the children out of school for the day, bought us some bus tickets and off we went!

Mellow Halloween

The day was nothing like we’d imagined (Young Sir IMMEDIATELY removed his costume on seeing we were one of the few families dressed for the occasion) but it was fun nevertheless. There is something rather unique about some of them there Australian animals.

Looking at this photo now, although this Mellow Fellow sleeping is rather cute, the fact the then Master Eight was lifting his sister up so she could touch a koala for the first time still brings a tear to my eye. He was, and still is, our Mr Considerate but just like Superman, chooses his moment carefully as to when and where he’ll share his superpowers, lol! 😉

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Kitten Kindness (MM2-18)

For Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness, the first Wednesday of the month has a designated theme with this month’s theme being the letter K. And what could be more fitting the showing a Kitten Kindness!

Kitten Kindness

Whilst waiting for our move to Canada we fostered kittens until they were adopted by a loving family. As you can see from this photo, families could always be assured any kitten from our house was MORE than kid-friendly!

Note: Two of these kittens never left our hearts, consequently they are living with us now here in Canada. 😻

Leanne Cole Photography




How nice was this?!

Amongst all the sadness that was yesterday’s bombings we did have a lovely ray of sunshine. We’d just finished dinner, cleared the table and was about to commence the washing up when there was a knock on the door.

A friend was standing there with these for me and gifts for the children!

I don't even mind there's a carnation in there!

I was more than happy with the thank you on Sunday for helping her over the week-end but for her to bring these last night, it was so thoughtful (but really quite unnecessary…).

It was reassuring, especially for the children, that even when faced with yesterday’s evil, there is still kindness and gratefulness not only in the world, but on our street!

May these two gestures never be questioned with… “mum, how much longer?”