My INSPIRATION (Travel Theme: Inspiration)

This week Ailsa, from Where’s My Backpack, has chosen the word INSPIRATION for this week’s Travel Theme. Fortunately I need go no further then my kitchen window when in need of inspiration.

Inspiration Outside

Imagine my delight only yesterday as I’m waiting for my coffee, seeing this Bald Eagle settle in a tree just outside my kitchen window. A little something special on a day that kinda needed it.





Low Aperture (OWPC: Aperture)

Today, well this entire week actually, isn’t going as planned as life has once again thrown us a huge curve-ball. Nothing life-threatening, so no worries on that front, but it’s enough to have my thoughts shooting in a thousand different directions.

So here I am, VERY late and VERY unorganized (you have NO idea how much THAT pains me) with my take on APERTURE – Jennifer Nichole Well’s word for this week’s One Word Photo Challenge.

Rising Moon

Choosing a larger aperture for last night’s full moon allowed me far more detail of the moon but caused the surrounding mountains to somewhat disappear. In this capture you can just see a glimpse of my Lovely Liz on the bottom right-hand corner of the moon.

And who knows, perhaps if I actually mounted my camera on a tripod it would be even easier to get these full moon shots but if I did that, the sun would be rising by the time I had everything set up. Given how everything is right now, something at least is better than nothing, lol!






Dew Clad Dreams (Silent Saturday)


Droplets of Dreams





The Colour of Fall!


My favourite color!

Just one wish… (Silent Saturday)

 Just one wish...

Forgotten Shed (One Four Challenge – Week 4)

Here we are already at week four of the One Four Challenge from Robyn of Captivate Me. For this challenge you select one of your own images then each week for four weeks, process this same image but in a different way.

For this last week I was curious to see how, or if, I could change this landscape photo into portrait successfully. I then decoloured the photo to give it an “old-world” feel and being me, tweaked the contrast to emphasize the colour there was.

1-4-4 - Portrait Crop Decolour Contrast

Okay, so here is my original photograph and the previous three weeks of processing this image in different ways.

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As always, I have a love/hate relationship with this challenge, I love how it pushes me to think outside the box but hate how it makes me really, really think. Now I’m off to find next month’s photo – told you, it’s a love/hate relationship, lol! 🙂


the ONE FOUR Challenge




Mushroom Mounds (Macro Monday)

The boys had me driving on some the bumpiest, back-tracks imaginable this past summer in search of the perfect part of the river bank in which to fish.

Mushroom Mounds

It was always worth it, not only for the boys to be out fishing no matter the weather but invariably each time I would manage to come across something to photograph like these mushrooms… bonus!





Time to Make Tracks (Monochrome Monday)

Close to where I took my photograph of the Forgotten Shed for Robyn’s One-Four-Challenge, are these railway lines. From this angle the lines seem to go on forever.

Time to Make Tracks

It’s such a shame that it’s only freight trains that come in our little town as it would be wonderful, if only for the summer months, passenger trains could also rumble down these tracks!




One, Two, Three… WISH! (Silent Saturday)

 One Two Three Wish

Forgotten Shed (One Four Challenge – Week 3)

With the end of another week, it’s time for week three of the One Four Challenge from Robyn of Captivate Me. For this challenge you select one of your own images then each week for four weeks, process this same image but in a different way.

This week I severely cropped the photo around the one little window that was only just visible on the side of this structure whilst adjusting the contrast to add some depth.

1-4-3 - Crop Contrast

Here is my original and the previous two weeks of processing this image.

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This window is not very apparent when you first look at the shed as it’s all but covered with the vegetation hence my desire to shed a little light on it. This editing probably would have made a lot more sense if the window was ornate or there were body parts hanging from it yet it still intrigued me.


the ONE FOUR Challenge