A Beautiful Ending (MM2-17)


Being the end of the month this should be my last “water themed” submission for Monochrome Madness over at Leanne Cole Photography .

Yes, I may have had one or five options for the ONCE a month challenge, with this month’s theme being water, at the beginning of the month but hey, waste not, want not I say, lol!

A Beautiful Ending BW

As if seeing Mama Bear wasn’t enough on our first day on Vancouver Island, Mother Nature also gave us this, the most glorious sunset as a special welcome.

It may have been the end of the day but it was a wonderful prelude to our holiday!

Leanne Cole Photography




Crusted Couplings (MM2-14)


Last week for Monochrome Madness the theme from Leanne Cole Photography was water. Here is one of my other photos I was considering as a possibility for that theme, a forgotten chain at a pier in Tofino, Vancouver Island.

Crusted Couplings MM-14

When Leanne first suggested a once-a-month theme I won’t deny I was a little anxious if I’d be able to participate, would I be able to rise to the challenge? Oh the pressure, the angst, what’s a girl to do?

Well, now of course it looks as if I’m going to be enjoying the wonderful side-effects this once-a-month challenge gives me… the rejects! Oh yes, I always know EXACTLY which photo I would like to share, it’s just that by the time I scroll through my others images in search of it, I stumble upon one or two other possibilities.

These other possibilities may just get me through the rest of the month, maybe. This capture is actually from the same day I took last week’s submission, it’s one of the near-by pier-pylons where we disembarked from our sea-plane.

Chains such as these always leave me wondering…



The Icy WATERS of Niagara (MM2-13)

Blame it on the weather – that’s certainly what I’m doing. We seem to have had a lot of hot weather lately yet oddly, a lot of my photo choices are of cold weather scenes. No guessing my preference of weather, lol!

This week for Monochrome Madness with Leanne Cole, being the first week of the month there’s a theme and the theme is… water.

The Icy Waters of Niagara - MM2-13

When looking for a photo with water, there were so many different ways to go – reflections, sunsets, or rivers to name but a few – all sorts of things. Yet for me, Niagara Falls will always hold a special magic for me.

Yes, this photo has window reflections in it. And yes it’s not in the preferred thirds suggested for taking photos but you know what? I really like it.

The memories behind this photo are what I see whenever I look at it, sitting at lunch with my family having the biggest laugh over who knows what but as my Darling Son likes to say… good times, good times!