Sullied Succulent (Macro Monday)

Growing up back in last century, every house had a collection of terracotta pots and old tin cans overflowing with a variety of succulents. Ours were all stacked at the bottom of the back-stairs along with the begonias.


Now it would appear succulents have been deemed almost exotic. This one I discovered quite by accident growing in the Chihuly gardens. A miniature amidst the giants of Chihuly’s works.




Photo Rehab Cover Makeover #13

That time of the week once again for another of Lucile’s and Desley’s wonderful Photo Rehab Cover Makeover challenges and this week it’s… a book cover.

Neither the author nor the title I’m familiar with but as 100% of royalties from this book are going to help the refugees arriving in Europe, for this reason alone it’s worth purchasing. Anyways, here is my take.

Cover Makeover #13

Right of the bat let me apologize for going for the obvious of white flowers but my head was stalled so I went with it. My tiny white cloth flowers sitting in a jar near me keep taunting me but to no avail.

Naturally, the moment I hit the Publish button inspiration will wash over me, causing me to scream in pain as what I should have done becomes abundantly clear. Don’t you just love that moment?


Cover Makeover Badge





Between our three years in Iceland and our four-and-a-half years here in Canada we’ve managed to see one or two BLIZZARDS, this week’s word challenge from Jennifer Nichole Wells.

Without a doubt, our last blizzard came as part of that incredible snowstorm we experienced back in February. It was a doozy as you well know from my previous post of snow!


This photo was taken in the afternoon towards the end of the massive dump we had – two meters in 24-hours but hey, what a story we got to tell. Again and again and again…






September’s One Focus Photo… albeit a “smidge” late!

This was meant to be in with Stacy at Visual Venturing last week but once again I managed to “lose” two weeks (wish I could lose weight that easy…) hence I’m playing catch up this week at an alarming speed.

Here is my interpretation of this month’s photograph submitted by Benjamin Rowe.

One Focus September

This is Benjamin Rowe’s original photograph. As you can see I’ve taken out all the benches, removed a roof from behind the right wall whilst also removing the bitumen path, then cropped and played with contrast and hues then added a border.

One Focus Friday - Benjamin Rowe

Not much at all, just a little tweaking, lol! To see all the other interpretations of this one photograph, click on Stacy’s icon below. This challenge for me highlights what I love about photography, we all see the same thing yet see it so very differently!






Need I say more???


LOL, what else is there to say...

Sick? Not me!


Twisted Sister!

Well, some’s better then none…


Wine has Vitamins...


And you KNOW who I’m talkin’ about…


We all have that REAL treasure in our life...

Early Morning INSPIRATION! (WPC)

Ironically INSPIRATION, this week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post, is just what I need… 😦

You see I’m “decluttering” the house. Finally I’m getting rid of all those things we “couldn’t live without” yet have seldom, if not NEVER, used. And sadly, as you would know if you’ve ever decluttered, it always looks worse before it looks better.

So as I sat with my coffee, chin in hand, choosing to look out my kitchen window rather than the chaos within, I noticed a tree outside seemingly illuminated as the raindrops hanging from its leaves glistened in the early morning clouded light.

Early Morning Inspiration!

Inspiration right outside my kitchen window, doesn’t really get much better then that does it? These plants not so long ago were looking for some inspiration themselves as their leaves slowly withered. With the rain however comes renewed life. Dust is washed from the leaves, energy is taken within.

Not certain that’s quite what’s happening with me right now, more likely that fourth espresso is finally kicking in, whatever it is though, I’m ready to tackle my decluttering day once again. Wish me luck!



Me? Normal?


Me? Normal?