“THE” shot of the morning moon! (WPC – Experimental)

It can be a little hit and miss when taking a photo of the moon at the best of times.

Then, when you’ve only just woken to see there’s only a matter of moments before the moon drops below the horizon with no time to adjust camera settings, well then, it’s all very experimental as to what the result will actually be!

This was our Harvest Moon earlier this month. It. Was. GLORIOUS! Not that you can really tell though from this capture 🤣, but I do still like the silhouette of the trees in front of the moon even if it is a little out of focus.

Experimental is The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for this week.






Light on the Horizon

Having experienced those two intense days of snowing when we received the two meters of snow in as many days, it was wonderful to look out on the second day to see the skies clearing and the sun lighting up the nearby hillside.

Saturday's sunshine after our Snowstorm!

With such fresh, light snow on the tree branches it was as if the trees were being lit from below they were glowing so strongly. It was one of those moments that held you spellbound, knowing you were witnessing something almost profound.

After all that had happened over those two days, this really was the light on the horizon showing us that things would be okay. There would be no need to ask… “mum, how much longer?”