Lights… Camera… (Wordless Wednesday)








Hats off to Christmas! (Fun Friday)

Rabbit, rabbit. Pinch and a punch for the first of the month. And what’s super exciting about this month, it’s the first day of the Christmas month… woot woot!

With this in mind I thought I change things up for Friday’s this month, from flowers to something a little bit fun. This is just one of two oversized Christmas hats I have. They sit next to our sofa table, one on top of the other filled with fairy lights.

In hindsight, I really should have included the sofa table to give some perspective of the size of these hats which, when stacked, stand three feet tall!

Christmas… don’t you just LOVE IT!









Early Morning Light (A Photo a Week Challenge: Just Missed)

As I hurriedly loaded the dishwasher before driving the children to school one morning before Christmas, I noticed some coloured lights out on the water. Quickly I grabbed my camera, took some shots and just missed that moment in time.


In my haste of course I had neither checked nor changed the settings on my camera hence the captures weren’t quite as anticipated. That moment of what appears to be pilot ship meeting the cargo shipped, just missed. Next time!








A Photo a Week Challenge: Fresh (Snow)

With FRESH as this week’s challenge word from Nancy Merrill Photography, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share another photo from last week’s fresh snowfall. Note: Snowfall here is a rarity in the last quarter-century.


The reflection of the pier lights in the harbour behind us created the most glorious background for our neighbour’s tree which, for me, was perfectly coated in just the right amount of snow!






Bright Lights of Christmas! (Wordless Wednesday)








And all the Trimmings! (Christmas Countdown)







It’s not this time of the year without… Twinkle Lights! (WPC)


There, I’ve said it, I love twinkle lights! Be it in a Christmas tree, strung along garland, bunched up in vases with baubles, or wrapped around a wreath. It’s Not This Time of Year Without them… this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

And this year I have a beautiful new mantle not only to hold all-things-Christmas but to also hang my garland, intertwined with twinkle lights and baubles. Ahhhh… ’tis the season indeed!


Sometimes a spot-light is needed to show you the way; sometimes all you need is the soft twinkle lights to allow a moment of reflection and gratitude for all that has been and will be.


Guiding Lights!

As I was going through all my photographs in readiness to do the next scrapbook on my long LONG list, I came across this capture.

Our hotel last month in Vancouver dated back to early last century and these were the hallway lights on our floor which look as if they could be originals. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Hallway Lights in Vanouver - just beautiful!

On this occasion I was “meant” to be filling up our trash can with ice. Yes, Mama is a tight-wad and refuses to pay exorbitant prices for soda and water, preferring to buy them at the shops then put them in ice back in the room. As I’ve mentioned before on numerous occasions, it’s the curse of being born beautiful instead of rich, bawhawhaw! 🙂

Anyways, as I wandered to and from the ice-machine, I couldn’t help but notice how old and regal these hallway lights were so was determined to capture this beauty on film. Needless to say, a certain Miss Ten was inside our room inquiring… “mum, how much longer?”