Watching from Within the White (Flower Friday)

As is so often the case with me, I was so focused on getting a clear, closeup shot of this white Lisianthus that it wasn’t until I’d downloaded my photos that I noticed the two balls within.

It was as if there was a pair of green eyeballs looking up at me. In retrospect I’m rather glad that I didn’t notice them earlier, they’re a tad freaky!






Hidden within (Flower Friday)

When there are Lisianthus at the supermarket, there is no way I am able to walk past without adding a couple of bunches to my trolley. They are such a beautiful bloom.

Their old-world appearance gives them an old-world charm that appeals so very much to me. Particularly when I can add a filter or two to make them even more-so!







Dusty Centres (Flower Friday)

Not often do I come across fresh Lisianthus when I’m out and about but rest assured, when I do, I snaffle them as quickly and as gently as I possibly can!

The colours of these flowers are so muted and pretty, whilst the petals appear so delicate they look like they were made out of tissue paper!