Very Hands On! (A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands)

From the moment my son was born, there wasn’t much he didn’t miss. He was always looking, absorbing everything. Routine is something he and I very much have in common. Hence when his sister came along, he was there for her.

What makes me smile each and every time I see this photo is how big brother was showing little sister how to open her mouth wide for her yoghurt. The yoghurt he’d retrieved and opened himself just for her. My darling boy was very hands on!

Hands is this week’s A Photo a Week Challenge word from Nancy Merrill Photography.






Happy Valentine’s Day









Springtime Memories (Wordless Wednesday)


Springtime Memories







The Ultimate Understated ! (26 Weeks Letter Challenge: U)

This week it’s the Letter U for the  26 Weeks Letter Challenge hosted by the lovely Lori Bravo from Let There be Peace on Earth.

To know the sun will rise and set each day is simply not enough. Especially when you witness such understated beauty  from mother nature like this of a morning.

Ultimate Understatement

To join in the fun of this challenge simply create your own interpretation of Lori’s letter of the week with as many photos you like then title and tag your post with 26 Weeks Letter Challenge.

26 Weeks Letter Challenge




LOVE… naturally! (26 Weeks Letter Challenge: L)

Last month I stumbled upon the  26 Week Letter Challenge hosted by the lovely Lori Bravo over at Let There be Peace on EarthThis was obviously meant to be as I was looking for yet another challenge whereby I can “plan ahead“.

As always, I’m a tad late to the party with this week’s letter already the letter “L“. However, this image from our walk around the Brisbane Botanical Gardens back in April instantly came to mind. L is for LOVEnaturally!


Miss Thirteen and I couldn’t believe it when we rounded a corner, immediately coming face to face with this cluster of blooms shaped naturally in a heart. It was so, so beautiful.

This cluster was simply hanging there like a Christmas bauble. We found it difficult to walk away from this natural beauty, taking soooo many photos of this one cluster.

26 Weeks Letter Challenge




State of Mind (WPC)

This week’s challenge from the Daily Post is STATE OF MIND. As Ben Huberman says, “Photos show us the surface of things, but they often tell much deeper stories about the objects they depict — and about the people who take them.”

As luck would have it, Miss Twelve provided just wanted I needed as recently she downloaded all her baby-photos and has meticulously been going through each and every one of them, showing me her favourites as she goes. This being one of them.

State of Mind

On this particular morning, Master Fourteen (who was two at the time), heard his sister was awake before I did. Into the room he went, climbing into her crib to keep her company until I arrived.

My heart simply melted on seeing him sitting there amusing his sister. His reward – her biggest, gummiest smiles. They were, and secretly still are, each other’s biggest fans.

Given I battled with Post Natal Depression after my daughter was born, and am still dealing with some residual residue from it, these photos are even more precious as a lot of my memories from this time are more than a tad blurred.




Victory in Life (WPC: Victory)

The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge prompt of VICTORY was scheduled prior to the horrific attacks on Paris Friday night. Although there was far too much loss of life that night, it is by no means a victory for those initiating such atrocities.

And for me, it highlights my own little victory upon life – happy and healthy children in a safe environment. My Darling Duo have food in their bellies, a roof over their heads and the warmth of love surrounding them.

Victory - Happy and Healthy Children

This photo admittedly was taken a couple of years ago but still remains a favourite as it shows what they “think” they’d like to do to each other but deep down, not that either will admit, they love each other as fiercely as they fight.

As for the impact of Friday night, together the world is rallying. Paris life continues in its state of a new “normal” as life there will never quite be the same again.

However, life does goes on. That’s a given we know, but how we choose to rise above that which is sent to push us down is the true test of our strength and resilience. And in those times of darkness and doubt in-between, we continue to send our love and prayers to Paris.





Kitten Kindness (MM2-18)

For Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness, the first Wednesday of the month has a designated theme with this month’s theme being the letter K. And what could be more fitting the showing a Kitten Kindness!

Kitten Kindness

Whilst waiting for our move to Canada we fostered kittens until they were adopted by a loving family. As you can see from this photo, families could always be assured any kitten from our house was MORE than kid-friendly!

Note: Two of these kittens never left our hearts, consequently they are living with us now here in Canada. 😻

Leanne Cole Photography





This morning I discovered I was one of the nominaees by the lovely LRod’s Blog to join in the fun of spreading the love… in just four words!

This challenge originated over at #LoveBooks Blog from the hashtag trending on Valentine’s Day… #whatisloveinfourwords. And speaking of Valentine’s Day, weren’t these a lovely yet unexpected treat from Hubby!

Valentine Flowers for MOI! xx

Each person nominated in this challenge is asked to write ten, 4 word sentences about love and what they believe love is. This is followed by a favorite love quote from a book, a movie, or from a famous person. You then nominate ten bloggers and ask that they spread the love.

Here are my ten 4 word sentences about Love: 

1. Love my FIRST coffee
2. Love you washing up
3. Love is kind words
4. Love is family laughter
5. Love is accepting others
6. Love the morning stillness
7. Love nature’s incredible beauty
8. Love the little things
9. Love is loving yourself
10. Love my blessed life

Piglet and Pooh on Love...

And my ten nominees who I truly hope will enter into the spirit are:

1. The Seeker
2. The Nerdy Canuck
3. The Whispering Pen
4. This, That and the Other Thing
5. ~ L to the Aura ~
6. The Britany Elizabeth Blog
7. A. Writes
8. De Monte y Mar
9.  Renxkyoko’s Space
10. My Wall

I understand if you are rolling your eyes at me but hey, it’s fun and it’s quick. Seriously, it’s simply about love, there really isn’t much scratching of the head and wondering… “mum, how much longer

The best things in life…

… love and memories!

Best things in life...