Geranium Highlights (Macro Monday)


Geranium Highlights





Morning Raindrops (Macro Monday)

This is the same photograph I used earlier today for my Monochrome Monday. For me it’s one of those photographs that I just couldn’t resist doing in both black and white and in colour. And once again I can’t decide which I prefer.

Morning Raindrops

As I was writing up my post for Monochrome Monday it was definitely the black and white I preferred. Yet as I sit typing up this post, I’m now drawn to the mass of violet and green hues towards the top left corner. Decisions, decisions, lol!







Morning Raindrops (Monochrome Monday)

There is nothing quite like seeing raindrops hanging from plants. For me it’s like a visual confirmation that the plants grooming needs have been met having been all watered and cleaned.

Morning Raindrops Monochromatic

How blessed are we to be able to walk outside our backdoor and see this natural beauty within arms reach? Yes, we are truly, truly lucky {sigh}.







Mushroom Mounds (Macro Monday)

The boys had me driving on some the bumpiest, back-tracks imaginable this past summer in search of the perfect part of the river bank in which to fish.

Mushroom Mounds

It was always worth it, not only for the boys to be out fishing no matter the weather but invariably each time I would manage to come across something to photograph like these mushrooms… bonus!





Fading Summer Beauty (Macro Monday)


The End of Summer!



Tantalizing Tendrils (Macro Monday)

Whenever I see these flowers, they remind of the flowers that appear on a passionfruit vine. It’s probably just me but it really does don’t you think?

Tantalizing Tendrils - Macro

In actual fact this flower is called a Clematis and is a flower that seems to have been everywhere I’ve looked this year south-west British Columbia. Lucky me!




Ravishing Red (Macro Monday)

When I was taking photographs for the Daily Post Roy G. Biv Challenge, this was one of the captures I took that morning.

Ravishing Red

For some crazy reason, seeing those “hairs” on the edge of the petals always makes me smile. Then I rub my legs for a stubble check, lol! 🙂




Centring on New Beginnings (Macro Monday)

Whilst on Vancouver Island last month , there were so many of these young trees wherever we went.

Centring on New Beginnings

Having the opportunity to look down on the new branch fronds gave these trees a totally different perspective, an almost flower-like appearance.

The fresh green-color of these fronds was just so glorious, so naturally beautiful I couldn’t resist a photo.